Respiratory protection will be provided to employees to prevent exposure to air borne dusts, fogs, mists, gases, smokes, sprays or vapors per OSHA code 29 CFR 1910.134. When engineering controls are insufficient, the appropriate respirators shall be provided to affected employees.

The use of respirators at Davidson is subject to prior review and approval by the Environmental, Heath and Safety Office (EHS). Any employee granted approval from EHS to utilize a respirator must receive a health evaluation, fit testing and training. Instructions for using respiratory protection are listed below:

  • Employees must be clean shaven to receive the protection provided by these respirators.
  • Employees shall verify that the respirator has an air-tight seal prior to each use.
  • Respirators shall be inspected before each use and cleaned as necessary.
  • Respirators shall be stored in a plastic bag or similar apparatuses to prevent exposure to dust, excessive heat or cold, moisture, or chemicals.
  • Damaged respirator and exhausted cartridges shall be immediately discarded and replaced as needed.