Every student must satisfy the writing requirement before entering their sophomore year. A student may fulfill the requirement in one of two ways.

  1. A student may fulfill the requirement by completing a WRI 101 course. Each section of WRI 101 has a unique thematic topic but the same academic writing skills will be covered, regardless of that theme.
  2. A student may also fulfill the requirement by completing HUM 104. The Humanities two-course sequence includes the two-credit HUM 103 course (fall) and the one-credit HUM 104 course (spring). Once a student completes HUM 104, he/she receives credit for completing the writing requirement and the Historical Thought and Literary Studies, Creative Writing and Rhetoric Ways of Knowing requirements.

The writing requirement may be fulfilled only by a course taken at Davidson, not by a credit from AP, IB or joint high school/college enrollment.

Please visit the Writing Program and the Humanities Program for further information.