The “Davidson Arts Across the Curriculum” Enrichment Fund

This new fund supports creative endeavors that seek either to enrich the classroom experience by integrating the work of visiting artists or to enhance the student experience through travel to museums, theatre performances, literary talks, etc. 

Successful proposals will demonstrate an understanding of the essential role of the arts in curriculum development. Special consideration will be given to proposals that link the arts with newly established initiatives, programs, or collaborative spaces on campus, such as the Hurt Hub.

Grant Details

  • Applicants may apply for up to $2,000 per program.
  • Grants should be requested in the semester prior to the program.
  • The deadline for fall 2023 is August 31, 2023.
  • The deadline for spring 2024 is December 15, 2023.


Applications may be requested from Sherry Nelson, Director of Davidson Arts and Creative Engagement, at

All applications should be accompanied by a document of three pages or less that includes the following:

  1. A one-page description of your course describing how the arts are integrated into your syllabus and how the funds will be used.
  2. A full budget for the program, including funding received or sought from other sources.
  3. A copy of your syllabus.

Application Information and Guidelines (PDF)