Find new ways to work on your favorite craft, expand a hobby, enjoy some playful competition, or learn a new skill in any of our student-led clubs.

This page is just a sampling of the many clubs and organizations active at Davidson. Members of the Davidson community may view all organizations on WildcatSync. Students may also work with the Student Activities Office to launch new clubs and organizations.

Bee Club

Davidson College Bee Club allows students, faculty, and staff to have fun by familiarizing themselves with honeybees and the practice of beekeeping, using the beehives on campus as learning tools.



Casual and Competitive Gaming Club

Our organization promotes team building, communication skills, imaginative problem-solving, and the development of friendships through engagement in with board games and video games. Our club is all-inclusive and seeks to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all its members in which they can explore a myriad of games and have fun.

Cats Stats

The purpose of Cats Stats is to develop skills in data analytics among its members by supporting Davidson College coaches and athletics with analytics that are unbiased, accurate, timely, and actionable.

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Danimation Club

Anime, nowadays, is an art form that has close tie not only to entertainment; it also serves as a way to bridge different cultures and inspire people think about real life experience in distinctive contexts. The Davidson Anime Club aims to engage anyone who is interested in watching anime for fun, or getting involved in to the process of making anime, or promoting anime as a welcoming way to express opinions.


WildCrafts art club hosts events for Davidson's artists and crafters alike. We welcome any skill level from "just having fun" to "experienced artist." We aim to cultivate an artistic community on campus with regular events while also connecting students wanting to enrich their art education with outside resources in the Davidson and Charlotte communities. Whether you want fine-art experiences like painting and drawing, or you just want to lean into your creative side with crafts like knitting or jewelry making, Wildcrafts' broad selection makes it the club for you!


Grandma Club

Cards, tea, period films, and the feeling of home you get from your grandma waiting for you with a fresh tray of cookies…

We work to listen while learning crafts and skills together, respect our elders and create bonds with them as we learn from their experiences, and aim to grow together and as individuals. Open to any and everyone!

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Club Sports

Whether you are coming in a high school varsity athlete or are looking to try out a new sport, there are ample opportunities to dive into club sports at Davidson. Club teams include equestrian, fencing, sailing, softball, squash, swimming, tennis, lacrosse, running, ultimate frisbee and more.