The Wildcat Wellness Committee is made up of staff member volunteers who work to develop and further the goals of the wellness program.


Kim Ball
HR Director

I organized the college's first wellness committee in 2007 to give advice and guidance to the college's existing wellness program, with the dual goals of improving the health of college employees and controlling the growth in the cost of healthcare and other benefit programs. I believe that the best way to control healthcare cost is to control utilization by helping our employees and families be as healthy as they can be. In addition to promoting health, the Wildcat Wellness program is also a great way to continue to build our sense of community at Davidson.

I love being part of this committee, which is energetically working toward such worthwhile goals, and I look forward to having more employees participate and involve their families in the college's wellness activities and events.

Sandy Helfgott
Director of Physical Education, Recreation, and Wellness

As an original member of the Wellness Committee (formed in 2007) I have seen the incredible growth of the Wildcat Wellness Program thanks to the hard work of current and past committee members. Nothing is more fulfilling than being part of a team with similar interests, and an organization that values its employees. I'm passionate about what I do and I truly believe that an employee wellness program can play a major role in helping adults improve or maintain their overall health and well-being both inside and outside of work.

An employee wellness program is something that should be fun, rewarding and inspiring, while remaining accessible for its employees. I am excited about the possibilities and the direction in which the Wildcat Wellness Program is headed and look forward to employee wellness becoming an important part of the Davidson College culture.

Kendra Intihar
Assistant General Manager, WDAV

The Wellness Committee has been an incredible opportunity to meet people cross-departmentally and to work together toward making Davidson an even better place to work and be "well." I've learned a lot about the college's mission to encourage whole-person health and wellness for faculty and staff, and I'm humbled to be a part of something that I think is changing our campus culture for the better.

Diana Miller
Administrative Assistant, Dean of Students Office

The concept of wellness is central to my life. Becoming part of the Wellness Committee here at Davidson was a natural progression from taking and instructing exercise classes. I enjoy being part of the group that helps to promote wellness to others. As we move forward in developing new ideas and programs it will be exciting to see the ways in which we can include and inspire more of our Davidson College community. I truly enjoy the many aspects of wellness in my own life and I love to share that energy with others.

Brenda Daugherty
Administrative Assistant, Baker Sports Complex

I came to the Wellness Committee as a representative of the Physical Education and Recreation Department. I've really enjoyed meeting the representatives from other departments and hearing their ideas and suggestions for cultivating wellness across campus. Increasing employee participation in fitness and wellness events is a key objective for me, as well as responding to the suggestions from our campus-wide survey. Seeing new faces in the current employee fitness classes is encouraging.

Susan Kerr
Systems Librarian

When the wellness program started offering exercise classes for staff during lunch, I learned that it was a great opportunity to meet and enjoy other people on campus. The surprising benefit was more energy for my work. I was pleased to join the committee as it began a fresh start. It has been a great opportunity to network across campus and explore new skills. Embracing the committee's goal to provide and promote an environment for good health has been easy. The challenge is getting the word out.

Rene Baker
HR Assistant Director - Benefits

By being part of the Wellness Committee I hope to help create a culture where Davidson employees choose to live healthier lifestyles rather than being forced to do so. Our programs help people realize that what they may think of as "typical" exercise isn't the only way to be well and happy.