Where employees, solely at their own option, work occasionally or sporadically on a part-time, temporary basis for the college in a different capacity from their regular employment, the hours worked in each job must be combined with regular hours worked for the purpose of determining overtime compensation.

Occasional or sporadic means infrequent, irregular or occurring in scattered instances. There may be an occasional need for additional resources in the delivery of certain types of services which is at times best met by the part-time employment of an individual who is already employed by Davidson.

In no circumstance will the part-time, temporary employment interfere with the scheduled work hours of the primary position. The additional employment should also not interfere with or impact the work performed in the primary position.

Outside (Secondary) Employment

Secondary employment is defined as "outside" employment held by a regular full-time employee. Secondary employment is permitted unless it impairs in any way an employee's ability to perform all of the expected duties and responsibilities of the college position, or if it directly or indirectly creates a conflict of interest. If an employee is uncertain about the acceptability of any current or anticipated secondary employment, the matter should be reviewed with the supervisor or department head.

It is equally important that college resources not be used to support outside activities unrelated to the college, since this constitutes a conflict of interest on the part of the faculty or staff member. Examples include the use of college letterhead for personal communications and the use of copy machines, postage, telephone, and secretarial services for non-college purpose, unrelated to teaching or professional attainments, at college expense without permission of the department head. A more specific policy regarding secondary employment of faculty is found in the Faculty Handbook.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to Human Resources at 704-894-2213.