Follow these instructions for requesting check, direct deposit (ACH) or wire transfer payments to suppliers and Davidson students. Faculty & Staff reimbursements are processed via Expense Reports

For payments to non-U.S. residents (including Davidson students) or to U.S. agents receiving payment on behalf of a non-U.S. citizen, please refer to our Foreign Payments policy and contact our Payroll Coordinator (704-894-2461) or Accounts Payable Coordinator (704-894-2206) as soon as you are aware of the payment.

Payment Schedules

Accounts Payable (AP) payments are processed on a weekly basis. Invoices not requiring immediate payment will be held and paid according to the terms indicated by the supplier. Payment to suppliers with U.S. bank accounts is made via ACH (direct deposit) with limited exceptions for checks; payments to vendors with international bank accounts is made via wire transfer.   

Invoices submitted by 5 pm on Tuesday or wire transfer requests submitted to (transfers to non-U.S. banks only) by 5 p.m. on Friday whose payment terms require immediate will be included in the weekly payment process:

  • Direct Deposit amounts will be available on Friday.
  • Checks will be mailed to vendors on Friday.
  • Wire Transfers will be processed on Monday. (Please allow for sufficient time for settlement, which may be up to five business days)

Due to the large volume of accounts payable payments processed, please submit payment requests as far in advance as possible. Since payments are processed weekly, special off-cycle payments will be processed only for emergencies, and must be approved by our Controller.

Requesting Payments to suppliers 

Domestic ACH (direct deposit) payments and (in limited instances) checks - Payment Request are submitted electronically via the Purchase Requisition process in Oracle, the college's ERP (Finance) system.  Each department should have a representative who can process payment requests. 

Submitting payment requests consists of two steps: (1) fully completing a Purchase Requisition (PR) and (2) once the PR has been converted to a Purchase Order (PO), emailing the supporting documentation (see Required Documentation below), including the PO number, to 

Detailed steps for submitting payment requests may be found at the Oracle Cloud Support Google Site / Creating Purchase Requisitions (Payments to Suppliers and Davidson Students)

International Wire Transfer payments - A fully completed wire transfer form and the related supporting documentation should be emailed to  Wire transfers are used for transfers to non-U.S bank accounts.  Transfers to U.S. bank accounts are paid via ACH and requested through the procedure noted above.

 Please call the Accounts Payable Coordinator at 704-894-2206 or email if you have questions.

Required Documentation

Attach supporting documentation (receipt, contract, letter of agreement) and a description of the expense, which clearly indicates the business purpose. Payment requests without this information may be delayed.

Mailing Checks

In the limited instances that checks are issued, they will be mailed directly to the supplier from our office. If a letter or other documentation needs to be included with the check, please send the documents and an addressed envelope to Accounts Payable, at least 5 days prior to the due date.