Transfer to Other Campus Positions

Davidson recognizes that staff motivation, productivity, and satisfaction are dependent upon people working in positions that are well-suited to their skills and interests and for which the employee is qualified. Many people are satisfied in their jobs; however, for some, a change of positions, whether it be lateral or promotional, within the same department or into a different one may be desirable to enhance skills and to promote career development.

Applying for campus vacancies will not in any way jeopardize a staff member's present position. Supervisors should be supportive of a staff member who expresses an interest in and has the abilities and qualifications to pursue different or greater responsibilities.

Department heads may choose to reassign employees to positions of similar market ranges within the department. Reassignment opportunities do not have to be posted campus wide; however, all employees in the affected department should be notified and given the opportunity to express interest in reassignment to a vacant position. Supervisors should be prepared to explain the decision to reassign a particular employee.

Any change, which would result in the promotion of an employee (movement of an employee to a position of a higher market range) is not a reassignment and should be advertised to the entire campus community.

Probationary Period for Internal Transfers or Promotions

Please note that when a staff member transfers from a position in one department to a position in another department, the first three months in the new job are not a probationary period. The three month period however, is a time when the staff member and the supervisor are encouraged to regularly discuss and review the transfer and to identify and resolve any problems.


During the normal course of operations, changes in primary position responsibilities may make it necessary to rewrite or update job descriptions. If positions change substantially, these changes should be noted and forwarded to the appropriate department head for review. The department head should review the changes to ensure equitable distribution of departmental workloads and the appropriate assignment of tasks. If the position has changed substantially, the position description should be rewritten and submitted through Oracle for review by Human Resources. (See Position Classification)

Positions are reclassified only when formal review by Human Resources staff determines that the market rate of the position should be changed accordingly.

Position Classification

Davidson College maintains a position classification system for staff employees, which enables the application of market rates with appropriate ranges, and a uniform process for evaluation and classification of positions.

Positions naturally change over time necessitating the completion of an updated position description. A copy of the position description template is available in Oracle.  Managers can make edits under the Profiles tile in Oracle.