What is a Fellowship?

The terms “fellowship” and “scholarship” are often used interchangeably. Scholarships typically support academic study in a specific degree program. Fellowships can also support academic study and often focus on engaging fellows in meaningful research, teaching, or service.

Fellowships are typically short-term, lasting from a few months to several years, and are often sponsored by research and educational organizations looking to make a difference and to invest in potential leaders in their respective fields.

The Office of Fellowships advises Davidson students and alumni applying for the programs listed below.

To get started, review a summary of each program in the Opportunities Guide (Davidson login required). Learn more about each program and access the application materials from the award profiles below.

*If an award above is marked with an asterisk, you must first be endorsed or nominated through Davidson’s Office of Fellowships to apply. There is a separate Davidson application process to be considered for endorsement or nomination with a deadline set much earlier than the fellowship's published application deadline. Davidson committees review applications, conduct interviews with candidates, and make endorsement and nomination decisions. Candidates who are endorsed or nominated then receive instructions for completing a fellowship's application process. All awards listed are competitive, and we encourage you to consult with us for application guidance even if endorsement is not required.