The John Crosland Jr. Center for Teaching and Learning offers free tutoring in a range of subjects to all Davidson students. To learn about each tutoring center, click the links below.

Math, Science and Economics Center The Math, Science and Economics Center provides assistance with research, data interpretation, presentations and lab reports and can help you build strong problem-solving skills. We also work to support and facilitate study groups.

Data Cats Data Cats supports students, faculty, and staff in data analytics and statistics, at any stage of a research project, from translating ideas into data-focused questions, to collecting, organizing, analyzing, visualizing, and interpreting data. Data Cats is located in the Tresata Analytics Factory of The Hurt Hub@Davidson.

Writing Center The Writing Center helps at any stage of the writing process from prewriting to fine tuning a finished draft. You'll learn to assess your writing processes to become a better writer. Writing Consultants' areas of expertise cover many academic majors and programs.

Writing & Consultations for Multilingual Students Davidson believes in a mainstreaming-plus-support model in which our multilingual, multi-dialectical, and native English-speaking students work together in all courses and are encouraged to seek writing support from professors, peer tutors and a multilingual student specialist, whether or not you are struggling in a course.

Speaking Center The Speaking Center offers Communication Consultants to support speaking across the curriculum at any point of the process, from selecting a topic to delivering the speech. Our consultants assist you in learning to speak and speaking to learn.

One-on-One Tutoring Students can request One-on-One appointments in foreign languages and specific courses through the Tutor Moodle. If you can't find a tutor for a subject you need, email tutor@davidson.edu or call 704-894-2294.

Resources & Information

Academic Access Academic coaching is available through the Academic Access and Disability Resources Office for any Davidson student who wishes to improve their scholastic performance. You will have an opportunity to discover your learning styles, develop personal time management techniques, learn broad efficient strategies for note taking, studying, reading, writing papers, preparing for and taking reviews.

Disability Resources The college values the diversity of its community and is an equal-access institution which admits otherwise qualified applicants without regard to disability. The Academic Access and Disability Resources Office works closely with the Dean of Students Office and other college offices and departments to ensure that the programs and facilities of the college are accessible to every student in the college community.

Digital Learning Guided by Davidson’s primary purpose “to assist students in developing humane instincts and disciplined and creative minds for lives of leadership and service” we strive to include digital spaces in these endeavors. In what ways can technology be leveraged for active learning, working outside of classroom walls, authentic assignments and students building agency? What does being humane in digital spaces look like? What types of experiences can we give students to explore being humane, disciplined and creative in online spaces?

Catalyst High-Impact Learning

Ignite your future with high-impact learning opportunities in research, internships, community-based learning and education abroad.

Catalyst High-Impact Learning