Students, faculty and staff must register their vehicle with the Davidson College Police Department (DCPD) within 48 hours of arriving on campus.

Once processed, all student parking permits are available for pickup at the Information Desk in the Union (3rd floor). Employee permits are delivered directly to their office or assigned department.

Vehicle Registration

Students living on campus are eligible for a residential student permit (Cost is $100 per academic year). This permit allows students to park in white lined parking spaces. Refer to the parking rules for exceptions/restrictions.

Students living off campus are eligible for a commuter permit (Cost is $25 per academic year). This permit allows students to park in green lined parking spaces located in Baker Lot, Bay 3.

Register a Vehicle Online 

Login is required to register a vehicle online. Registration is required for all students and employees who wish to park on campus, including 1-Hour only visitor spaces. Student registration opens July 25. 

Visitors are required to visit the DCPD office to obtain a temporary parking permit.

Student parking permits are valid from August 1 – July 31 each year. 

Employee parking permits are valid for the duration of employment at Davidson College. 

Complete parking information can be found in our parking rules. Please ensure you are thoroughly familiar will all parking rules and regulations to avoid ticketing and/or towing. You can also view the campus map.

If you have any parking related questions, please contact the DCPD administrative assistant

Bicycle & Scooter Registration

Students, faculty and staff are required to register their bicycles and/or scooters online (login required).  Registration is free, and registration stickers are delivered via campus mail the same as parking permits. You must have your serial number to register your bicycle or scooter. Serial numbers on bicycles are normally located:

  • On the underside of the crank
  • On the headset
  • At the top of the crank
  • On the seat down tube next to crank
  • On the rear stays

Additional rules for bicycles:

  • Bicycles must be secured to a bike rack.
  • Bicycles shall not be secured to trees, light poles, handrails, benches or anything other than a bicycle rack.
  • Bicycles not properly secured and/or not registered, are subject to a citation and being locked by DCPD personnel.
  • Bicycles shall not be left on campus over the summer break unless the student is staying on campus during that time and has notified DCPD. Any bicycles left on campus at the end of the spring semester without a registration decal and a special summer decal affixed to it will be collected and donated.

Temporary Registration

Temporary parking permits are required for campus visitors. Visitors, or their employee or student hosts, shall obtain the temporary permits from DCPD. These permits will hang from the rear-view mirror for visibility. Visitors shall park only in red lined spaces or as otherwise designated on the issued permit. 

Handicapped Parking

Handicapped parking spaces are available throughout campus for vehicles displaying a valid state issued handicapped license plate or placard. Temporary handicapped permits (60 days or less) are available at DCPD for those requiring temporary parking accessibility (Professional medical endorsement is required).


Motorcycles must be parked in regular vehicular parking spaces and, like vehicles, must be registered with campus police within 48 hours of arriving on campus.

Safe Rides Program

The Davidson College Police Department along with the Student Government Association provide students with Safe Rides vans during the academic school year.