Students, faculty and staff must register their vehicle with the Davidson College Police Department within 48 hours of arriving on campus.

Parking permits will be sent through campus mail.

Handicapped and temporary parking permits are available at the Public Safety Office. Bicycle registration is also available and required.

Students will have two options for parking passes. First option is a regular student permit and the cost is $50.00 per academic year. This pass allows students to park in all student parking areas (white lines) except the Baker parking lot.

The second option is the limited student permit and the cost is $25.00 per academic year. This pass allows students to park in ONLY Baker lot (last row, adjacent to Concord Rd. in white lines) or the Ramsey lot (gravel lot above Satellite).

Register a vehicle online (login required).  Registration is for students, faculty and staff.    

Visitors are encouraged to visit the Public Safety and Campus Police office when on campus to receive a parking pass.

Student parking decals are valid from Aug. 1–July 31 each year, and employee decals are valid for all active employees. Additional information can be found in our parking rules (PDF). You can also view the campus map

If you have any parking related questions, please call the administrative assistant at 704-894-2178 or email prior to coming to the office. 

Bicycle Registration

Students, faculty and staff are required to register their bikes. To register a bicycle, register online (login required).  Registration is free, and registration stickers will be sent to you in campus mail. You must have your serial number to register your bike. Serial numbers are engraved on bikes and can be found:

  • On the underside of the crank
  • On the headset
  • At the top of the crank
  • On the seat down tube next to crank
  • On the rear stays

Additional rules for bicycles:

  • Bikes must be secured to a bike rack.
  • Bikes shall not be secured to trees, light poles, hand rails, benches or anything other than a bike rack.
  • Bikes not properly secured and/or not registered, are subject to a citation and being locked by Public Safety personnel.
  • Bicycles removed at the end of the spring semester will be stored for a period not to exceed 90 days. After 90 days, all unclaimed bikes will be disposed of.

Vehicle Registration Fees

Student vehicle registration is $50 for full student parking, except Baker Lot, or $25 for limited parking (parking only in the Ramsey lot and the last row, adjacent to Concord Rd. of Baker Sports Complex). Parking decals must be displayed clearly. There is a $3 charge for all replacement vehicle decals.

Temporary Registration

Temporary parking permits for visitors staying overnight also are available at the Campus Police office. Temporary permits should be displayed clearly, hung from drivers' rear view mirrors. Campus visitors may park in spaces and lots not marked for students and staff. Baker Sports Complex is open to visitor parking.

Handicapped Parking

To park in handicapped parking spaces, a North Carolina handicapped license plate or a Davidson College-issued handicapped parking permit must be displayed. Permits are available at no charge in the Campus Police office.


Motorcycles must be parked in regular vehicular parking spaces and, like vehicles, must be registered with campus police within 48 hours of arriving on campus.

Safe Rides Program

The Public Safety and Campus Police Department along with the Student Government Association provide students with Safe Rides vans during the academic school year.