As a residential campus, Davidson requires all students to live on campus throughout their time as a student (a few exceptions are granted each year).

Roommate Matching

While students do have the option of self-selecting a first-year roommate, most incoming students are paired together and placed on a residence hall by Residence Life staff. All residence hall rooms assigned to first-year students are double rooms, so every incoming student will have a roommate. Incoming students receive an email sent to their personal email account with a link to a housing preference form during the summer. Full completion of this form with insightful and accurate answers will help Residence Life pair incoming students with a roommate. Extraordinary care is taken in pairing first-year roommates.  Examples of questions include:

  • Personal interests/hobbies
  • Sleep schedule
  • Roommate preferences
  • Study habits
  • Myers-Briggs Type

Many of our students enjoy their first-year roommate so much that they choose to live together in their upperclass years.

First-Year Housing Options

All 2018-2019 first-year students reside in one of the following four residence halls: Belk, Cannon, Richardson or Watts.

Belk Hall is located on Dorm Row and houses both first-year and upper-class students.

Cannon Hall is located on Dorm Row and houses only first-year students.

Richardson Hall is located adjacent to Vail Commons and houses only first-year students.

Watts Hall is located on Dorm Row and houses only first-year students.

Laundry Services

Free self-service laundry facilities are located throughout the campus for students. Washers and dryers are available at no charge in every residence hall. You do need to provide your own High Efficiency (HE) laundry detergent, fabric softener, laundry basket, and other supplies, as needed.

Microfridge Rentals

Students are allowed to have one microfridge per room, if they desire one. We recommend that students rent or purchase a microfridge unit through Standards for Living. This is a special refrigerator/freezer and microwave oven combination appliance that features a patented energy management system. Any assistance provided by bringing Energy Star-rated electronics to campus will be greatly appreciated, but it is not required.


Energy Efficiency

As a signatory of the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment, we have adopted an energy-efficient appliance purchasing policy requiring the college to purchase Energy Star-certified products where such ratings exist.

The Residence Life Office is asking students and parents to assist in the college's efforts by purchasing Energy Star-rated products for use in residence hall rooms. Computers, televisions, DVD players, audio sound and theater systems, game stations, etc. are a huge draw on electricity.