Technology & Innovation (T&I) has approximately 40 staff members, committed to delivering Davidson’s IT services to faculty, administrative departments, and students effectively and efficiently.

Under the leadership of our Chief Information Officer, our department is organized into sub-teams that focus on specific parts of technology at Davidson.

CIO Office

Kevin Davis

  • Chief Information Officer
Kevin Davis headshot

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Digital Transformation

Collaborates and consults with peer divisions and colleagues across campus to optimize business processes and initiatives through automation, training, integration and user experience (UX) design.

Luke Aeschleman

  • Digital Transformation Analyst
Luke Aeschleman

Tessa Jones

  • Digital Transformation Analyst
Tessa Jones Headshot

JD Mills

  • Manager, Digital Transformation
JD Mills

Blake Skelton

  • Digital Transformation Fellow


T&I Main

Pronouns: she/her/hers

headshot of Blake Skelton

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Advises college community members, connecting them to and ensuring the successful implementation of technology solutions. Actively engage with academic and administrative departments and campus constituents to better serve our campus.

Mike Barth

  • Relationship and Project Manager, Administrative Portfolio
Mike Barth Headshot

Paul DiMarco

  • Relationship and Project Manager, Administrative Portfolio
Paul DiMarco headshot

Paula Doe

  • Technology Outreach Coordinator
Paula Doe Headshot

Jessamyn Donovan

  • Director of IT Outreach and Engagement
Jessamyn Donovan headshot

Adam Ferraz

  • Web Hosting and Accessibility Fellow

T&I Main

Pronouns: he/him/his

Adam Ferraz Headshot

Dre Hopson

  • AV Systems and Tech Analyst
Dre Hopson Headshot

Brian Little

  • Instructional Designer, Maker Education
Brian Little Headshot

Neil Reda

  • Relationship and Project Manager, Academic Portfolio
Neil Reda headshot

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Enterprise Solutions and Analytics

Partners with campus functional owners in various departments and divisions to help implement and support enterprise systems, integrations, and business intelligence solutions to meet their needs.

Jaimie Beatty

  • Senior Database Administrator
Jaimie Beatty Headshot

Pete Benbow

  • Business Intelligence Programmer & Analyst
Pete Benbow headshot

Selah Bunzey

  • Senior Enterprise Applications Programmer Analyst
Selah Bunzey Headshot

Abby Creasy

  • Database Administrator
Abby Creasy Headshot

Johanna Ramirez-Sanchez

  • Senior Enterprise Applications Programmer Analyst
Johanna Ramirez-Sanchez Headshot

John Robbins

  • Senior Systems Administrator
John Robbins headshot

Nick Roberts

  • Director of Enterprise Solutions and Analytics
Nick Roberts Headshot

Sandy Wierman

  • Enterprise Applications Programmer Analyst
Sandy Wierman headshot

David Wright

  • Senior Enterprise Applications Programmer Analyst
David Wright Headshot

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Information Security

Protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Davidson College’s data and information systems by monitoring and maintaining Davidson’s security posture, and collaborating with campus partners to inform and bring about awareness to potential threats.

Chris Hovis

  • Information Security Analyst and Program Manager
Chris Hovis Headshot

Chloe Poroslay

  • Cybersecurity Fellow
Chloe Poroslay headshot

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Responsible for all server and endpoint architecture, engineering and administration; network and telecommunication design and administration; and data center facilities.

Michael Blackmon

  • Instructional & Research Computing Systems Administrator
Michael Blackmon Headshot

John Eggleston

  • Manager of Technology Infrastructure
John Eggleston Headshot

Robert Lee

  • Senior Network Administrator
Robert Lee headshot

Anne Pender

  • Desktop Systems Administrator
Anne Pender headshot

Don Piercy

  • Telecommunications Manager
Don Piercy headshot

Mike Sapp

  • Systems Administrator
Mike Sapp headshot

Jaimee Sellers

  • Systems Administrator
Jaimee Sellers

Andy Voelker

  • Network Administrator
Andy Voelker headshot

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Operations & Administration

Provides IT procurement, budget/finance, software license management, and administrative support.

Donna Enroth

  • Budget and Procurement Manager
Donna Enroth headshot

Maribel Tubbs

  • Department Operations Specialist
Maribel Tubbs headshot

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User Success Team

Provides end user support via phone, email and chat as well as front-line support for urgent technical issues in classrooms, computer hardware and software, printers and other technology.

Debbie Alford

  • Senior User Success Consultant
Debbie Alford headshot

Matt Flynn

  • User Success Consultant
Matt Flynn

Madison Hardaway

  • User Success Consultant
Madison Hardaway headshot

Matt Jackson

  • User Success Coordinator
Matt Jackson Headshot

Erik LaRuffa

  • User Success Consultant
Erik Laruffa Headshot

John McCann

  • Manager, User Success Team
John McCann Headshot

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