CIO Office

Kevin Davis

  • Chief Information Officer
Kevin Davis headshot

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Digital Transformation

Tessa Jones

  • Digital Transformation Analyst
Tessa Jones Headshot

JD Mills

  • Manager, Digital Transformation
JD Mills

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Mike Barth

  • Relationship and Project Manager, Administrative Portfolio
Mike Barth headshot

Paul DiMarco

  • IT Project Manager | Business Analyst
Paul DiMarco headshot

Paula Doe

  • Technology Outreach Coordinator
Paula Doe Headshot

Jessamyn Donovan

  • Director of IT Outreach and Engagement
Jessamyn Donovan headshot

Brian Little

  • Instructional Designer, Maker Education
Brian Little Headshot

Neil Reda

  • Relationship and Project Manager, Academic Portfolio
Neil Reda headshot

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Enterprise Solutions and Analytics

Jaimie Beatty

  • Senior Database Administrator
Jaimie Beatty Headshot

Pete Benbow

  • Business Intelligence Programmer & Analyst
Pete Benbow headshot

Selah Bunzey

  • Senior Enterprise Applications Programmer Analyst
Selah Bunzey Headshot

Abby Creasy

  • Database Administrator
Abby Creasy Headshot

Johanna Ramirez-Sanchez

  • Senior Enterprise Applications Programmer Analyst
Johanna Ramirez-Sanchez Headshot

John Robbins

  • Senior Systems Administrator
John Robbins headshot

Nick Roberts

  • Director of Enterprise Solutions and Analytics
Nick Roberts Headshot

Sandy Wierman

  • Enterprise Applications Programmer Analyst
Sandy Wierman headshot

David Wright

  • Senior Enterprise Applications Programmer Analyst
David Wright Headshot

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Information Security

Chris Hovis

  • Information Security Analyst and Program Manager
Chris Hovis Headshot

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Nancy Bandy

  • Systems Administrator
Nancy Bandy headshot

John Eggleston

  • Manager of Technology Infrastructure
John Eggleston Headshot

Robert Lee

  • Senior Network Administrator
Robert Lee headshot

Anne Pender

  • Desktop Systems Administrator
Anne Pender headshot

Don Piercy

  • Telecommunications Manager
Don Piercy headshot

Mike Sapp

  • Systems Administrator
Mike Sapp headshot

Andy Voelker

  • Network Administrator
Andy Voelker headshot

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Operations & Administration

Donna Enroth

  • Budget and Procurement Manager
Donna Enroth headshot

Maribel Tubbs

  • Department Operations Specialist
Maribel Tubbs headshot

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User Success Team

Debbie Alford

  • Senior User Success Consultant
Debbie Alford headshot

Paul Brantley

  • User Success Consultant
Paul Brantley Headshot

Dre Hopson

  • User Success Consultant
Dre Hopson Headshot

Erik LaRuffa

  • User Success Consultant
Erik Laruffa Headshot

John McCann

  • Manager, User Success Team
John McCann Headshot

Krishna Patharkar

  • User Success Consultant
Krishna Patharkar headshot

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