At Davidson, the campus police officers are integral members of the community, and aim to create bonds of trust between the officers and the campus community members they serve.

While traditional law enforcement is necessary and has its place on a college campus, the concept of community-oriented policing helps to create a campus environment that promotes safe and healthy learning in addition to promoting acceptance of responsibility for one's own actions.

The college's Community-Oriented Policing Program assigns individual police officers to specific residence halls, fraternities, and social houses, and those officers conduct proactive programming to raise awareness and teach crime prevention practices.

Report a Crime

You may call at anytime, 704-892-7773, or if you prefer to remain anonymous, report a crime through the Silent Witness Program online.

Community Participation

When individuals on campus do their part by recognizing and reporting incidents of suspicious or criminal activity, they greatly improve the effectiveness of campus police.

Solving a crime depends largely upon how promptly and accurately the incident is reported. Whenever possible, include the following information in your report to police:

  • The nature of the incident
  • When the incident occurred
  • Where the incident occurred
  • Description of the person(s) involved (name, sex, race, age, height, hair style/color complexion, distinctive characteristics such as facial features, scars, physical defects, glasses, clothing, etc.);
  • Description of stolen property (item, manufacturer, model number, serial number, value, color, dimensions, etc.)