Our Sustainability Scholars have varying interests, majors and class years.

Each is placed with a private, public, or nonprofit community institution to focus on a discrete project during the summer, and we also meet as a group to discuss how individuals and institutions can move the needle at the community-scale on environmental issues, with a particular emphasis on climate change.

Learning Objectives

Through hands-on experience and dynamic group discussion, sustainability scholars gain unique knowledge and insight as well as applicable skills, including the following.

  • Urgency and agency to make positive change for the environment
  • Familiarity with systems thinking and several sustainability-related examples
  • Knowledge of key climate change drivers, impacts, and policies
  • Knowledge of Charlotte-area sustainability challenges, opportunities, and champions
  • First-hand experience with alternative transportation modes
  • Proficiency in specific tool(s) for measuring and/or engaging sustainability
  • Ability to identify advantages and barriers to community-scale sustainability action from the perspectives of individuals, private-sector, public-sector and nonprofit organizations

2022 Sustainability Scholars

Students' minors, when applicable, have been listed in parenthesis next to their majors.

Photo Biographies
Ella Williams

Ella Williams '24

Major: Biology

Partner: Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

Claudia Craig

Claudia Craig '24

Major: Environmental Studies

Partner: Farm at Davidson College

Amanda Creek

Amanda Creek '25

Major: Environmental Studies

Partner: City of Charlotte Sustainability

Daisy Hoover

Daisy Hoover '24

Major: Biology

Partner: Sustain Charlotte

Charlotte Joseph

Charlotte Joseph '23

Major: Environmental Studies

Partner: Crescent Communities

Gaby Nahm

Gabriela Nahm '24

Major: Environmental Studies

Partner: Carolina Raptor Center

Katieanne Peterson

Katieanne Peterson '24

Major: Environmental Studies, Political Science

Partner: Harper General Contractors

Bailey Scarlett

Bailey Scarlett '25

Major: Environmental Studies

Partner: CleanAire NC

Alexandra Williamson

Alexandra Williamson '24

Major: Environmental Studies

Partner: Summit Coffee