There are three primary ways of finding a job on campus.

  1. You receive a work award through the Financial Aid Department/Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program. Students who receive a work award through Financial Aid are given priority over non work study students to secure a job. The priority window runs from mid-July through the first week of September. Students should monitor their Davidson email daily once it is activated. All communication regarding the work study process and securing a job will be communicated via email. Work study recipients apply for jobs through the college’s student employment platform Handshake. Returning work study students will be returned to the job that they had during the previous year unless they or their supervisor has requested reassignment. Returning students will not need to reapply for their same job through Handshake.
  2. You are identified by faculty or staff for placement in a job requiring a unique skill set. These jobs are often located within the tutoring centers and/or academic departments. Typically, faculty identify majors within their department to assist in tutoring others students (see Academic Research and Tutors).
  3. Students seek out opportunities on their own through Handshake, the college’s student employment jobs platform. These jobs tend to arise sporadically throughout the school year when there is a department need that is not being filled through FWS recipients or when departments want to publicize the position to all students on campus.

There are numerous jobs on campus and the college actively works to support those students who want to work. Some of the major employers on campus are Academic Affairs, the Library, the College Union, Athletics, and Civic Engagement.

On-Campus Jobs

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Academic Research

During the academic year and often during the summer, professors hire students to work with them on research projects. Student academic research assistant positions are either posted on Handshake or offered directly through a professor. Such positions should be discussed with faculty directly. Often these positions are given to department majors during their junior and senior years.


The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) hires Davidson students to serve as peer tutors in a variety of disciplines such as languages, math, science, economics, writing and public speaking. In many instances, student tutors provide support for a class which they have taken in a prior semester and in which they have excelled. Thus, students interested in tutoring should contact the CTL directly or a faculty member. Tutors are often identified by faculty.

Civic Engagement

Davidson creates student scholars as well as active, educated citizens who are involved in the community. The Center for Civic Engagement works with leaders at local organizations to establish responsibilities for FWS recipient. Students are placed at community organizations by the Center for Civic Engagement based on community need, the student's course schedule and work-study allocation communicated by the Financial Aid Office. In addition to their weekly schedule at their community partner, students also meet monthly as a group on campus, covering a variety of skill-building and community topics.

At the beginning of each year, students who are interested in the Federal Community Service Work-Study program are encouraged to contact the Center for Civic Engagement for more information or with any questions.

Summer Employment

The college hires more than 150 students each summer to work on campus. These jobs can be brief or last the whole summer. With the exception of academic research assistants, the majority of summer jobs are posted through the college on Handshake. Departments begin posting summer employment positions in the early spring (February-April). Examples of summer employment include reunion ambassadors, technology assistants, library assistants, lake camp, summer admission ambassadors, July Experience counselors.

Off-Campus Jobs

Davidson College students are highly regarded in our community. The college often receives requests to post jobs on behalf of local employers for services such as babysitting or tutoring.

Off-campus employment opportunities are typically posted on the bulletin board in the lower level of the Alvarez College Union across from the Nisbet Fitness Center.

Davidson international students must request permission from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to work for an employer other than Davidson College. Contact International Student Programs for more information. Students on F1 or J1 visas are not eligible to babysit.

Disclaimer: Please note that we do not verify the legitimacy of off-campus postings and ask that all students use their best judgment when it comes it these positions. Never send money to anyone and if you question the validity of a position please contact the Student Employment Office so that we may remove the posting. If you have any concerns about a notice, please contact the Public Safety department at 704-894-2178.