Davidson Outdoors (DO) is a student-led organization, and our priority is providing equipment for Davidson Outdoors trips and trainings. When it's possible we also like to support Davidson students, staff, and faculty to get outdoors on their own adventures too.

Because our Davidson Outdoors trips and trainings are often using the DO equipment we are much more likely to be able to find gear for your adventure if you give us two weeks' notice. We do not have the staff or the resources to fulfill equipment rentals with less than 3 days notice.

Rental Guidelines

      What We Rent

      What We Do Not Rent

      • Climbing ropes, harnesses, or hardware
      • Canoes, kayaks, or paddling equipment
      • Snowshoes, trekking poles, ice cleats, winter boots
      • Clothing of any kind: hats, gloves, parkas, rain pants, poly shirts, etc

      Checkout and Payment

      • A paper rental form must be completed for any gear leaving DO
      • All rentals must be paid for when gear leaves DO


        1. When gear is returned, mark off each item as returned & initial the bottom of the paper form
        2. If any items are still due, leave the form in the binder
        3. Once all items have been returned, put the form in the last drawer on the right behind the front counter


        Gear can be reserved 10 days prior to trip date.

          Rental by Campus Groups or Officers

          • Group must have one person check the gear out and sign the form.
          • That person must return all of the gear at one time at the end of the trip.

          Trip Leaders (TLs) & Student Employees

          • TLs & employees can use almost any DO gear for short periods at no charge.This privilege is meant to enable student staff to run their own outdoor experiences.
          • All gear must be signed out to the TL or employee.
          • TLs and employees are not allowed to keep DO gear indefinitely. Each rental form MUST have a return date.
          • TLs & employees are responsible for the timely return or replacement of gear
          • TLs and employees should not check out gear on the behalf of others, and be aware of the gear needs for DO trips.

          Questions about Equipment Rentals? Reach out to us!

          If you have questions about renting equipment from DO please don't hesitate to stop by and ask. We're located in the basement of the Alvarez College Union. You can also reach us by phone at 704-894-2623 or by email at careilly@davidson.edu or kamathieson@davidson.edu.