The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, amended in 2008, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 mandate that students with appropriately documented disabilities receive equal access to programs and services in higher education.

Below is a brief overview of those rights and responsibilities. 

Student Rights

  • A student with a disability at Davidson College has the right to request reasonable accommodations ensuring equal access to courses, course content, programs, services and facilities available through the college by contacting the Academic Access and Disability Resources Office
  • A student has the right to confidentiality with regards to their disability(ies) and restricted disclosure of information except when required or permitted by law.
  • A student has the right, if he or she believes they have been treated unfairly, to file a grievance with the ADA Coordinator. Please contact the Dean of Students Office to file a complaint.

Student Responsibilities

In addition to the students' rights outlined above, students who present with documented disabilities or believe they may have disabilities and desire accommodations have responsibilities, as follows.

  • Although students are not required to disclose their disability status, if they are seeking accommodations relative to their disabilities, they are responsible for providing current and appropriate documentation to the Academic Access and Disability Resources Office.
  • A student seeking accommodations must provide a written request for accommodations each semester.
  • A student must meet qualifications and maintain essential standards for all courses, programs, services, jobs, activities, conduct and facilities. The college seeks to accommodate students in a manner that is determined to be reasonable and that does not compromise the integrity of the curriculum.