Workers' compensation benefits are available to any employee who suffers disability through accident or occupational disease arising out of, and in the course of, his or her employment.


In accordance with applicable laws, all Davidson College employees, whether full-time, part-time, or temporary, who suffer an accident related to employment with the college are eligible for workers' compensation benefits.


  • For illnesses or injuries determined to be work related, the college assumes full responsibility for the cost of medical treatment.
  • Employees who suffer lost work time due to work-related injuries or illnesses are eligible to receive workers' compensation leave pay. Workers' compensation leave pay is equivalent to two-thirds of weekly salary.
  • An employee may choose to supplement the workers' compensation weekly benefits with vacation or sick leave. The sick or vacation leave supplement may not be used to allow the employee to exceed his or her normal weekly salary amount.
  • Workers' compensation leave benefits are not payable for the first 5 working days following the injury, accident, or work-related illness. Worker's compensation leave benefits will begin on the sixth working day following the injury, accident or illness. The first five days should be charged to sick leave, vacation leave, leave without pay or a combination of these.
  • An employee who is receiving workers' compensation leave pay or weekly payments from a settlement agreement is not eligible for long-term disability benefits until all workers' compensation payments have been paid.
  • In all circumstances, treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses is to be sought from providers and at locations designated by the Human Resources office. Treatment for life threatening illnesses or injuries should be obtained at the nearest emergency room facility. For an employee who is out of work for more than 5 working days, the college may choose to seek a second opinion to insure appropriate follow-up.

General Outline of Procedure When Dealing With an On-Campus Injury

If it's an emergency, call 911 first.

Reach out to Human Resources (HR) if the injured person is a Davidson employee or student working a job: 

  • Main Desk: 704-894-2213
  • Rene Baker: 704-894-2444

Davidson Employee or Student Working a Job:

  • Call HR
  • If employee needs medical attention, they will be sent to Davidson Urgent Care or the ER
  • Davidson College will pay for visit under our worker's comp policy
  • HR will send authorization to the medical facility
  • The employee's supervisor (or someone else who is available) will drive the employee to the medical facility (if no one is available, HR can assist with this)
  • Send completed Accident Report to HR (
  • HR will file with Worker's Comp provider

Student not working a job:

  • May be seen by Health Services or Urgent Care/ER
  • Student would present personal insurance (likely carried by their parent(s)/guardian) to medical provider

Visitor in Co-working space at The Hurt Hub (Flywheel):

  • Report to Flywheel

Effect of Lost Time on Employment, Compensation and Benefits

Leave Accruals

The employee does not continue to earn vacation and sick leave while receiving workers' compensation payments. 

Health Insurance

Payment of the college's contributions for health insurance is continued while an employee is on workers' compensation leave.

Return to Work Program

Davidson College will make every effort to return an employee to work as quickly as possible. In addition to medical and rehabilitation services provided through the workers' compensation program, departments are encouraged to make modifications in job duties to reasonably accommodate temporary physical limitations. If the duration of the modified duties exceeds 90 days, the department head should meet with the Human Resources director to determine an appropriate long-term course of action.

Before an employee may return to work, a doctor's statement clearly outlining any limitations or restrictions should be presented to the supervisor and forwarded to the Human Resources office for review. If restrictions or limitations are included, an estimated duration of the restrictions or limitations must be included in the doctor's statement.

Medical Treatment Upon Return to Work

Upon return to work, the employee will meet with the supervisor to determine appropriate scheduling for required medical or therapy treatments. Travel time and treatment time will be considered as hours worked and should not be charged as leave. Therapy treatments should be scheduled so as to allow the department the most efficient use of the employee's working hours.

Return to Work Alternatives

Return to work may involve a temporary reassignment in a different position commensurate with the employee's documented education and work experience. The employee must meet the minimum qualifications in accordance with the position classification. If the temporary assignment is at a lower level, the difference in the budgeted salary amount and the employee's last salary will be covered by workers' compensation payments.

If it is not a hardship on the department, the employee may be returned to his or her position with limited duty or part-time hours limitations. If the physician recommends return to work on a part-time basis and the college is able to accommodate this recommendation, worker's compensation payments will continue on a pro-rated basis for the hours not worked.

Notification of Medical Status

It is the employee's responsibility to notify Human Resources staff of each physician visit and to notify his or her supervisor of any changes that may permit return to work.

Refusal of Reemployment, Reassignment or Training

When an employee returning from workers' compensation refuses reemployment, reassignment or training for reemployment, Davidson College has the right to end the employee's employment.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to Human Resources at 704-894-2213.

Last Updated 2/21/2023