Various departments and individuals are permitted to use golf carts to transport people and items across campus. Follow these guidelines to ensure the proper safety and use of golf carts:

  • All North Carolina traffic laws shall be obeyed.
  • The most common golf cart accidents are roll overs and ejection, therefore golf cart speed should not exceed 10-15 mph. Avoid make sharp turns.
  • Operators of golf carts must possess a valid driver's license.
  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way on all walkways on campus. Stay as far to the right as possible on roadways.
  • Carts operated after dark must have lights capable of illuminating an area twenty feet in front of the vehicle.
  • The number of manufacturer-installed seats determines the number of passengers that may safely ride on a golf cart with only one passenger per seat.
  • The operator of a vehicle is responsible for securing it to a non-movable object with a chain and lock after each use.
  • Parked carts must not block sidewalks or entrances to buildings.
  • Carts used for campus purposes may not leave college property.