Academic Regulation

“The instructor gives a grade of “I” (Incomplete) to a student who for a valid reason is unable to complete a substantial portion of the work of the course. The determination of a “valid reason” rests with the instructor, but examples of valid reasons include a serious health, family, or personal problem arising late in the semester. A grade of “I” must be removed by the instructor’s submitting the new grade to the Registrar no later than 14 days prior to the first day of classes of the fall semester of the next academic year following the awarding of the grade of Incomplete. After this date, the grade of “I” shall be changed to a grade of “F”. In order for a senior to graduate at the May commencement, all of a student’s Incomplete grades must be removed by the beginning of the spring examination period.”

Incomplete Courses

To help guide you through the incomplete process, we offer the following examples of valid reasons for an incomplete:

  • A serious health problem arising late in the semester
  • A serious family problem arising late in the semester
  • A serious personal problem arising late in the semester

Incompletes should only be given when there is a reasonable expectation that a student can and will complete the work by the deadline. Incompletes should not comprise the majority of the work expected throughout the duration of the course.  An incomplete differs from an Authorized Withdrawal, which is reserved for withdrawals during the semester and is not to be granted after the semester has concluded.

The student and professor should work together to discuss the following items:

  • The reason for the incomplete: does this situation warrant an incomplete?
  • The current course grade. This is the grade the student is currently earning and will receive if they do no other work for the class. This grade can increase or decrease, if the student submits additional work as a result of receiving an incomplete.
  • Detailed description of work/assignments needing to be completed.
  • Deadline to finish. Professors may set a deadline earlier than the date outlined in the Academic Regulations.

It is recommended that the professor check in with the student at various points of time to see if progress is being made on the incomplete.

When an incomplete is finished, the professor should submit the final grade to the Registrar’s Office via the grade change form on Banner Self-Service.