Find the answers to your questions about accessing and paying your student bill, obtaining a health insurance waiver, and more.

How do I set up proxy access to allow a parent, or other bill payer, to view tuition invoices, tax records and financial aid information?

Learn how to grant proxy access with these instructions to accessing the Parent Portal.

I do not need the college's health insurance. How do I waive the insurance and what is the waiver deadline?

If you are covered by another plan and do not wish to have supplemental coverage, simply complete the online waiver. This waiver must be submitted no later than the due date specified on our Additional Fees page.

I do not want to purchase the tuition refund insurance. How do I waive the insurance and what is the waiver deadline?

Students who wish to decline the tuition-refund insurance coverage must complete an online waiver. Detailed information may be obtained by calling 617-774-1555 or online through AWG Dewar, Inc. This waiver must be submitted no later than the due date specified on our Additional Fees page.

Am I required to have a minimum meal plan?

First year students are automatically enrolled in an all-access plan in their first year. All students must sign-up for a college meal plan each semester. The minimum college meal plan is the 2 Plus Meal Plan but students may elect a higher meal plan.  For more information about the program, visit Dining Services.

What is the difference between authorized financial aid and memo credits?

Authorized financial aid is aid disbursed by us. Memo credits are items that are expected to be received from another source, such as Pell Grant, Loans and future Nelnet monthly payments, and are credited to your account when actually received by us. Both items reflect a reduction of the total amount due.

I am receiving a grant or scholarship from an outside source and do not see this listed on my bill. To what address should my outside source send payment and may I subtract this from my total due?

Yes, you may subtract anticipated payments from outside sources from your total due, unless you are receiving need-based financial aid. If you are receiving need-based financial aid, you must check with our Financial Aid Office before subtracting any amount, so that we may determine if your financial aid package will be adjusted. Please direct all payments to:

Davidson College - Financial Aid

209 Ridge Rd

Box 5000

Davidson, NC 28035

Please call the Financial Aid Office at 704-894-2232 for outside grant/scholarship questions.

Who do I contact if there is a discrepancy between my financial aid award letter and my invoice?

Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 704-894-2232.

My insurance company requires verification that my son/daughter is a full-time student. Which office do I contact?

Please contact the Registrar's Office at 704-894-2227.

Can first-year students have a car on campus? How do I register my vehicle? Do I have to register my vehicle if I am living off campus?

Yes, any student may have a car on campus. You must register your vehicle with our College Police Department within 48 hours of arrival. Add the applicable fee to your total due. Add the applicable fee to your total due. 

If my student has a balance on his/her account, can this be transferred to his/her CatCard?

Yes. Email and specify the amount that you would like transferred to your CatCard.

Can I prepay tuition in full? Is there a discount?

You may certainly pay all four years in advance, but there is no discount for prepayment. The funds will remain in your account and charges each semester will be posted to reduce the balance.

How do I pay deposits for Davidson study abroad programs?

You can pay your deposit online via Banner Self Service or the Parent Portal, by inter-campus mail to Controller's Office, or in person at Jackson Court #3/4.

How do I address letters to my student?

Effective July 1, 2023, Students will have a new, unified mailing address which should be used for ALL mail and shipping needs (USPS, FedEx, UPS, Amazon, etc.) For more details, please reference the Mailing Address Guide.

How do I update my mail forwarding address?

Permanent residence changes are handled by our Registrar's Office. Campus addresses are handled by the Residence Life Office.

I received payment from the college as a Scholarship (Research) Fellow. Will I receive a Form W-2 or Form 1099?

Payments to Scholarship (Research) Fellows have been deemed to be non-qualified scholarship payments. These payments should be included in the recipient's taxable income, but are not subject to information reporting by the College unless the recipient is a nonresident alien. (If your payment was for services provided as a Research Assistant or Student Employee, you will receive a form W-2. See our Payroll webpage for additional information.)