Green Dot creates safer colleges by inviting all members of the campus community to become allies in preventing power-based personal violence (sexual assault, domestic or dating/intimate partner violence and stalking). Using research-supported methods, Green Dot has a proven record in decreasing violence rates on campuses.

This program allows individuals to intervene in a manner that works best for them and for the situation. Strategies include the 3Ds: Direct, Delegate or Distract. This method teaches individuals to respond in situations requiring both proactive behavior (doing things that will create an environment where these issues are less likely to happen) and reactive behavior (intervening when it appears that something violent could happen).

No one has to do everything, everyone has to do something.

Green Dot Slogan

Imagine acts of violence as red dots on a map. When nothing is done, the red dots grow and spread. However, the interventions (or 3Ds) can be seen as green dots, empowering bystanders to take action against potential power-based violence on campus. The goal of this program is to build a culture that turns all the red dots into green dots, preventing acts of violence before they occur. In short, Green Dot is about the choices we each make, at every moment to make our communities safer through our behaviors, words, choices and attitudes.

How to Get Involved 

Davidson College is proud to be a Green Dot campus. We offer overview sessions and trainings each semester to students, faculty and staff with the goal of creating a sense of community responsibility in the creation and maintenance of a safe campus environment. 

Help us make Davidson’s campus a place free of power-based personal violence. Everyone can take small actions that contribute to a safe campus for all. We all have a vital role to play.

  • Attend an upcoming Green Dot Overview or Training Session.
  • Attend an event that raises awareness on power-based violence.
  • Plan a Green Dot Workshop or event on campus with a group you are a member of: faculty and staff administrative groups and committees, student organizations or faculty within a department.
  • Do a Green Dot!


If you see what is or could potentially become an act of power-based violence of any kind, check in and do a Green Dot! Whether in your room, at a party, observing a change in character of a friend or anywhere on campus:

Remember the 3 Ds:

  • Direct: Intervene yourself. Ask if everything is okay.
  • Delegate: Alert someone else to help you with the situation.
  • Distract: Make a scene (be loud or obnoxious by yourself or with a friend who is also concerned). Do something that brings the attention of those involved away from the problem and diffuse the situation as soon as possible.


  • Seek training on the warning signs of potential abuse or violence and respond when you see them in your classroom. Start by attending an Overview Session here on campus!
  • Include a statement on your syllabus that expresses your support of Green Dot and intolerance of power-based violence of any kind.
  • Where appropriate, include topics in your class and within assignments that address prevention and intervention of partner violence, sexual assault and misconduct, stalking or bullying.


  • Recognize risk factors associated with violence and ensure that faculty, staff and students are provided with adequate training to respond.
  • Ensure adequate funding for prevention and intervention efforts.
  • Where appropriate, integrate references to the Green Dot initiative and the importance of violence prevention into public speeches and presentations.

Green Dot Overviews and Bystander Training Sessions are offered each semester and give participants the tools to become active bystanders as well as empower them to take proactive steps to create a safe community. If you are interested in attending a session, please contact Cara Evanson at

Additional Information

There are many resources that can be used to find out more about Green Dot and Davidson’s zero tolerance for power-based violence, including sexual misconduct. Please use the links below to learn more about how the college works hard to keep our campus community safe.

National Green Dot Violence Prevention Program

Emergency Contact Information

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Reporting Sexual Misconduct: The Title IX Coordinator, Campus Police, faculty, staff and administrations are here to help.

To find out other ways to get involved and for further inquiries about Green Dot, please contact Lia Newman at