Summer 2022 Housing

The Residence Life Office (RLO) offers summer housing to Davidson students and non-Davidson students doing research for Davidson College faculty. For summer 2022, residents will be housed in Chidsey Hall in double rooms or single rooms. Students interested in summer housing must satisfy one of the following criteria: on-campus employment, on-campus research, on-campus internship, special permission from RLO or being an enrolled Davidson College student for spring 2022 and having a local internship or employment.

Summer housing contracts are offered for the full, 10-week summer (Sunday, May 22 - Saturday, July 30), or a 5-week first half of summer (Sunday, May 22 - Saturday, June 25), or a 5-week second half of summer (Sunday, June 26 - Saturday, July 30). Space is limited, and priority is given to full summer applicants. 

Summer housing rates are based on room type (double or single rooms) and duration (see Summer Housing 2022 rates below). Students may stay on-campus between Closing and the start of summer (see May Move-Over below) and/or between the end of summer and Opening (see August Move-Over below), each for an additional charge. 

Applications for Summer Housing, May Move-Over, and August Move-Over will be available March 2022.

All college and RLO Policies and Procedures for Residents apply during summer housing, unless otherwise specified by RLO professionals. Any student found in violation of policy may be removed from summer housing without refund.

Summer COVID-19 Expectations and Guidelines

Students who wish to participate in summer housing must adhere to the college's COVID-19 expectations and guidelines. Students must be vaccinated and boosted to live in on-campus summer housing. Students who previously submitted their vaccination and booster information for the 2021-2022 academic year have satisfied the expectation and do not need to resubmit the information.

Davidson College does not offer the academic year level of COVID-19 support during the summer period.

  • If summer residents have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, they should test through a local clinic or with a home test kit.
  • If the summer resident confirms positive, the summer resident can inform Davidson College by email at
  • Summer residents who test positive can either isolate themselves in their room (subject to the approval of the roommate) or take advantage of the optional isolation housing provided by RLO.
  • Residents should isolate for five (5) days or until the resident tests negative, but no longer than ten (10) days.
  • Residents in isolation are responsible for managing their food and supplies.
  • Residents in isolation should not use public transportation during their isolation period.
  • Residents can shelter in place during their isolation period in their assigned room. However, in instances where roommates are uncomfortable having a sick individual in their room, RLO will provide optional housing for isolation purposes.
  • Residents in isolation should wear masks when traveling to the community bathroom or obtaining food.

Summer Housing 2022 Rates

Summer housing rates are based on room type and duration. Students indicate a room type preference (either double room or single room) on the application. RLO will attempt to meet requests for single rooms but numbers are limited. See the sections on May Move-Over and August Move-Overs for their respective rates. Bills for summer housing are put on student accounts.

Full Summer:  Sunday, May 22 - Saturday, July 30

  • $1,350 (double room) or $1,900 (single room)

First Half Summer:  Sunday, May 22 - Saturday, June 25

  • $800 (double room) or $1100 (single room)

Second Half Summer:  Sunday, June 26 - Saturday, July 30

  • $800 (double room) or $1100 (single room)

NOTE:  On May 23 – May 27, Chidsey Hall will not have hot water as the steam valves will be shut down for their annual cleaning.  Summer residents will be able to shower in another building (to be determined) on those days, most likely in Irwin, Akers or Knox.

May Move-Over

Students staying in the residence halls from Closing to the beginning of summer are considered May Move-Overs. May Move-Overs are charged a flat rate of $225 for housing from Closing (Sunday, May 15 for non-graduating students or Monday, May 16 for graduating students) until Sunday, May 22.

All May move-overs will be housed in one building during move-over week before moving into Chidsey on May 22. May move-overs will have from noon on Sunday, May 15 through noon on Monday, May 16 to relocate out of their spring assignment into this temporary move-over assignment.

August Move-Over

Students staying in the residence halls from the end of summer housing (July 30) until Opening (August 27) AND who have an on-campus assignment for fall 2022 are considered August Move-Overs. August Move-Overs are initially housed in their summer assignment and must move into their fall assignment on a specified date the first week in August.

August Move-Overs are charged a $35 per night rate from July 31 until August 27 (placed on the student account.)

Students who have opening responsibilities (that is, roles on campus directly related to the opening of the college as determined by the Dean of Students) have the nightly rate waived beginning the date their opening responsibilities would begin. Opening responsibility roles include: in-season athletes, pre-orientation programs, and leadership groups who have responsibilities during orientation.

Students must apply to be an August Move-Over in the application so RLO can properly assign them in summer housing to allow for cleaning and repairs before early arrivals move in in August. Students who do not live in summer housing for the entire summer or the second half of the summer are not eligible to be an August Move-Over.

Note: Graduated seniors and non-Davidson students must make full payment before summer move-in date.

Summer Housing Application

The summer housing application is now open.  The deadline for submitting applications is 11:59 pm on Thursday, April 14. At that time, the online application will be deactivated. Students who wish to submit a late application will need to email Late applications will be considered based on space availability.

Applicants are notified if they get a room by Wednesday, April 20. Applicants will be notified if they will get a double room or a private room by Friday, April 29.

Questions regarding summer housing 2022 can be emailed to Mary Ann Shessler at