Gender Inclusive Housing

The Residence Life Office makes it a priority for every student to feel welcome and safe in their living environment. Some students feel more comfortable in a living environment where residents live interspersed and not separated on wings and hallways defined by gender. Gender inclusive housing offers additional living options to meet those needs. Halls and/or floors to be designated as gender-inclusive will be determined after applications are received. 

Applications for Gender Inclusive Housing

A link to the gender inclusive housing application will be included in an email from Dean Walter Snipes.

Sustainability Co-op

The Sustainability Cooperative (Co-op) allows students to reside in a unique community while engaging in a multifaceted approach to sustainable living. The Co-op is directly supported in partnership by the Residence Life Office and the Sustainability Office. While the students live within the residential community and have access to a shared kitchen and lounge, they also have access to a separate on-campus facility for programming, planning, and activities. The Co-op offers two different types of rooms, doubles and singles, and rooms are charged at the double room rate or a suite/single room rate, depending on the actual room assignment.

Applications for the Sustainability Co-op

Students who want to live in the Co-op must submit a Co-op application according to the spring lottery timeline. An email from Dean Walter Snipes will include a link to the application. A committee will review essay responses and determine who is selected to live in the Co-op. Priority for selection will be given to those students able to live in the house for the entire academic year.

Substance Free Housing

We offer substance-free housing for those students who wish to minimize their exposure in their living environment to alcohol and alcohol-related behavior, substances and smoking materials. Students living in these communities agree to not use alcohol, drugs or smoking-related materials on their floor community nor bring the effects of those substances back into the hall.

Applications for Substance Free Housing

A link to the substance-free housing application will be included in an email from Dean Walter Snipes. Halls and/or floors to be designated as substance-free will be determined after applications are received. 

All students choosing a substance-free assignment will be required to complete a substance-free housing contract. Failure to uphold the expectations will likely result in relocation to another assignment.