Gender Inclusive Housing

The Residence Life Office makes it a priority for every student to feel welcome and safe in their living environment.  Some students feel more comfortable in a living environment where residents live interspersed and not separated on wings and hallways defined by gender. Gender inclusive housing offers additional living options to meet those needs.

Applications for Gender Inclusive Housing

A link to the gender inclusive housing application will be included in an email from Dean Jason Shaffer.

Sustainability Co-op

The Sustainability Cooperative house is located at 439 N. Main Street. The Co-op is a standalone residence that accommodates 10 students. Each member of the Co-op shares in the responsibility for cleanliness of the facility and holds a different responsibility within the house. The Co-op is directly supported in partnership by the Residence Life Office and the Sustainability Office.

The Co-op offers two different types of rooms, doubles and singles, and rooms are charged at the double room rate or a suite/single room rate, depending on the actual room assignment. Residents will set expectations at the beginning fall regarding sharing and paying for meals at the Co-op in addition to any on-campus meal plans.

Applications for the Sustainability Co-op

Students who want to live in the Co-op will need to submit a Co-op application according to the spring lottery timeline. A link to the application will be included in an email from Jason Shaffer, director of Residence Life. A committee will review essay responses and determine who is selected to live in the Co-op. Priority for selection will be given to those students able to live in the house the entire academic year.

Substance Free Housing

We offer substance-free housing for those students who wish to minimize their exposure in their living environment to alcohol and alcohol-related behavior, illicit drugs and smoking materials. Students living in these communities agree to not use alcohol or drugs on their floor community nor bring the effects of those substances back into the hall.

A link to the substance-free housing application will be included in an email from Jason Shaffer. Halls and/or floors to be designated as substance-free will be determined after applications are received. 

All students choosing a substance free assignment will be required to complete a substance free housing contract. Failure to uphold the expectations will likely result in relocation to another assignment.