Located in Martin Court Apartments, Daley includes (12) four-person apartments.

Exterior of Martin Court B apartment building

Building Information

  • Rooms: (12) four-person apartments (all single-occupancy rooms)
  • Floors: Three
  • Lounge/Common Room: One per apartment
  • Laundry: No, but there is a nearby facility in Ryburn
  • Bathroom: One toilet area and one shower area with sinks
  • Kitchen: One per apartment
  • Floor: Laminate throughout
  • Windows: Blinds on all windows
  • Sinks in rooms: No
  • Bed size: Full size (53" x 75")
  • Furniture: Each bedroom includes a bed, desk, chair, dresser, shelves, and a closet/wardrobe
  • Heating/cooling: Controlled in each apartment
  • Cable TV: Available in the common room of each apartment
  • Elevator: No