Situated in the center of campus, Belk Hall houses up to 334 students, the Lavender Lounge and a Quiet Study Space.

Each floor on this five-story building is divided into two, single-gender wings, each wing with its own common bathroom.  Belk Hall was renovated summer 2021.

Building Information

  • Average room size: 16' X 10' (sizes vary)
  • Bathrooms: 1 single-gender bathroom per wing, 1 private hall bathroom on Base West and 1 private hall bathroom on 1st East
  • Quiet Study Space: A large space with 4 private group study rooms, study tables and individual study pods
  • Laundry: Yes, 2
  • Kitchen: Yes, 1
  • Elevator: Yes, 1
  • Vending: 2 drink machines and 1 snack machine in the basement
  • In-room Sinks: Yes
  • Closets: Most rooms have built-in closets with additional open shelves. Some have moveable wardrobes.
  • ADA Accessible Rooms: 4, each with a private bathroom
  • Note: Belk does NOT have carpeted bedrooms