A four-floor residence hall located on the west end of Dorm Row, Little houses up to 72 residents in 35 double-occupancy and 2 single-occupancy rooms.

Each floor includes a television/lounge area. The first floor also offers a community kitchen. 

Building Information

  • Average room size: 15'9" x 14'9"
  • Bathrooms: One single-gender bathroom per floor.
  • Laundry: Yes
  • Kitchen: 1 - located on the first floor
  • Elevator: No
  • Vending: One drink and one snack machine located on the first floor.
  • In-room Sinks: Yes
  • Closets: All rooms have built-in closets.
  • ADA Accessible Rooms: 1, with private bathroom
  • Note: Little does NOT have carpeted bedrooms