We want to make it easy for students and parents to navigate college accounts. Use these helpful links to find information on payments, tuition and fees, room and meal rates, credit balances, and more.

Tuition, Fees & Parent/Proxy Access

Learn about your student bill, fees, payment options and more. Parents who are not already set up with proxy access, can learn how to access the Parent Portal to view tuition invoices and more.


Online Health Insurance Waiver

If you are covered by another plan and do not wish to have supplemental coverage, simply complete the online waiver. This waiver must be submitted no later than the due date specified on our additional fees page.

Room and Meal Rates

Discover what it costs to live and dine on campus.

Additional Fees

Read more about additional fees such as applied music fees, student accident and sickness insurance, enrollment deposits, and the Study Abroad administrative fee.

Academic and Personal Leave

A student who wishes to take academic or personal leave from Davidson College may do so upon approval from the Registrar or Dean of Students. You may begin the process by either meeting with the Registrar or Dean of Students or by completing the online leave form (login required).


Get information on fees you may be charged if you withdraw from school.

Refunds and Credit Balances

Learn what refunds you may receive and what happens when there is a positive balance in your account.

Form 1098

Receive your 1098T Tuition Statement Tax Form electronically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your questions about accessing your invoices and paying your student bill, obtaining a health insurance waiver, and more.