We strongly condemn all forms of racism, discrimination, intolerance, and oppression.

We stand in solidarity with our Black students and colleagues; we acknowledge and understand the negative impact that systemic racism has on mental and physical well-being. While there is no response that can remedy the immeasurable losses that the Black community has endured through centuries of violence, we want you to know that we are here for you.

The vastness of emotions that you may be feeling are real and valid. As a collective, we can join you in processing how these traumatic events have impacted you, and we can also help you connect to resources that feel safe and that resonate with you.

As counselors and medical providers, our commitment to promoting anti-racism and dismantling systemic oppression of all forms is clearly stated in our code of ethics. We stand for giving voice to the under-represented and underserved, promoting social justice, and providing support in times of crisis. We also understand that actions speak louder than words, and acknowledge that we have a long way to go in terms of growth and self-reflection.

The next, continuous step will be translating what we learn to what we do in our individual practices. Approaches and programming will include support groups for students struggling with the impact of systemic racism, as well as outreach events to increase awareness of these issues and visibility of the services that are available.

We recognize that what we have outlined thus far is just a start, and that advocacy for racial justice and becoming anti-racist are lifelong pursuits. We therefore welcome additional ideas from you, the Davidson community, on how we can best support you. Your voice is important, so please send any suggestions, comments, or concerns to studenthealth@davidson.edu.