Are you interested in applying for an international travel grant? Fantastic! The information below will help you through the application process.

We have provided extensive guidelines below. Please also refer to this document with the guidelines and a checklist.

Please also read the faculty recommender guidelines and give a copy to your faculty recommender.

Please read all guidelines carefully and utilize the checklist to ensure that your proposal meets all requirements and is as competitive as possible. It is best to consult with your faculty recommender early and to apply on time.  Your application for travel grants will not be considered until we have received all the necessary documents as requested by the online application.

Tips & Tricks Navigating the Application Process

  • Start planning early: The earlier you begin planning your experience and working on your proposal, the more likely you will have an impressive project by the application deadline. Consult with a faculty recommender for advice early during this process.  Determine whether your project can be categorized as research, experiential learning, service or a study program.  
  • Include details about how this project reflects your own intellectual interests, course of study, or your future plans.
  • Plan to maximize your exposure to the culture.  This is true for every type of grant awarded whether the application focuses on research, experiential learning, service or a study program.
  • Talk to advisers and establish promising contacts abroad such as organizations, individuals, or institutions (as needed for the grant).
  • Submit an application to the Institutional Review Board if your research application involves human subjects.  The IRB application must be submitted one week in advance of the Dean Rusk submission deadline.
  • Request a reasonable amount of money and look for additional funding sources. Include a budget that accurately presents the project's costs.
  • Proofread and edit frequent drafts.
  • Submit your application on time. October 1 for winter break proposals and February 1 for summer proposals.

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