Work Orders

If something in your room needs repair or doesn’t seem quite right, send an email to to initiate a work order and we will contact Physical Plant for you.  All work orders must be placed in writing via email. 

We do not take work orders via phone unless it is an emergency.  Do not ask another person such as your RA or Hall Counselor to place a work order for you, we only take work orders from the room or apartment residents.

  • To place a work order email and include:
    • Building
    • Room number
    • Description of problem
  • To place a work order on weekends or holidays:
    • If there is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately and cannot wait until the next business day, contact the Student Leader-on-duty phone number for assistance.
    • If it’s a non-emergency, send an email to and we will place a work order on the morning of the next business day.    
  • Do not email or call Physical Plant
  • Do not leave a voicemail with RLO


If you are locked out of your room or apartment:

  • Monday - Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.:
    • Come to RLO to temporarily borrow a key, catcard or both. RLO is located next to Lula Bell's, in between Belk Hall and Vail Commons.
  • Evenings from 5 p.m.–2:30 a.m.:
    • Call the Student Leader-on-duty Area Phone. The number is outside all RA and hall counselor doors as well as on all exterior doors.
  • Nights from 2:30 a.m.–9 a.m.: 
    • Call Campus Police (704-609-0344).
  • Saturdays and Sundays:
    • Call the Student Leader-on-duty Area Phone. The number is outside all RA and hall counselor doors as well as on all exterior doors.

General Questions

Air Conditioning

When the fan is running in your room, it is re-circulating the air in the room for the most part. What you are feeling coming out of the vent is the recirculated air that might feel warm. Only when the thermostat senses that the air is warmer than the set temp, will the AC turn on and cool the circulated air. If the fan is turned off, no cooling will take place in the room. The halls have set temperature ranges which fluctuate based on the time of day and cannot be cooled below the set ranges.


When the thermostat senses that the room temp is too low, it will then send a signal to heat the air. If the fan is turned off, no heating will take place in the room. We recommend that the fans be left on at all times for maximum efficiency even though some of the time it will feel like cold air is coming out of the vent, however that air is the same temperature as the air in the room, just being recirculated. Remember that the switch on the thermostat does need to be moved to the “warmer” setting if you want the most heat.


When the blinds are difficult to open or close or are stuck in the up position, use the wand to put the blinds in the “open” position. The blinds need to be in the open position to raise and lower properly.

Cable/Ethernet/Internet Problems

You must supply your own coaxial cable cord to connect your tv to the wall port. If you have questions contact


The air filters in the rooms are changed/cleaned on a regularly scheduled basis.  In some halls, such as Irwin/Akers/Knox, a reminder will show up on the thermostat requesting an air filter change. These reminders can be disregarded as the filters are checked on a frequent schedule year-round and the reminders don't necessarily correctly align.


There is no charge to use the washers and dryers during the academic school year.  You must provide your own HE detergent and fabric softener.  We recommend downloading LaundryView to receive notification on status of laundry.  If there are issues with any of the machines email with the number on the washer or dryer and an explanation of the problem.

Printer Issues

Contact the Technology & Innovation Support Center with any problems or if the printer paper needs to be refilled at


Do not put anything down your sink that is not a liquid. This includes food, vomit and coffee grinds. 


Security screens are only installed in the basement and/or first floor windows that are accessible from the outside.  RLO has adjustable half screens available for purchase for $10. Come to RLO to inquire about them if interested.

Trash Cans

Small blue recycle bins are provided in residence hall rooms. Trash cans must be provided by the residents. If you dirty your recycle bin please rinse it out instead of throwing it out. 


If your hall has a vacuum, do not keep the vacuum in your room for long periods of time preventing its use by your floor mates. Replacement bags are available in RLO and can be requested by any resident. Bags do need to be changed when full. Bring a non-working vacuum to RLO to be fixed, this is not a work order.

Bathroom Questions

Black Discoloration on Shower Curtain

Shower curtains must be cleaned regularly to avoid giving mold or mildew a place to grow and that will also stain your shower curtain. We recommend residents wipe down their shower and shower curtain weekly using shower cleaner and sponge to avoid this issue. Once a month, remove the shower curtain and run it through the washing machine and hang it back up to dry. Also, leave your bathroom fan on for about 15 minutes after your shower to help remove humidity from the room.

Shower Drain Filling with Water

There is likely a build-up of hair and soap in the drain. Do not use Draino. Send an email to to place a work order for the clog.

Clogged Toilet

Ensure you aren’t flushing items like flushable wipes, paper towels, sanitary napkins and consider mid-flushes when necessary. Don't try to use Draino. If plunging doesn’t help, send an email to to place a work order for Physical Plant to unclog your toilet.

Exterminator Questions


Ants are attracted to food and if they see your room as a potential food source they’ll keep returning. Keep food containers tightly closed, put food away and don’t leave glasses or cans with beverages in them out overnight. We recommend you come to RLO to pick up two ant baits to place in your room. Email to be put on the exterminator’s list, if necessary.


Stink bugs are seasonal and look for warm places when the weather gets cooler, they can find their way in to the building even if you never open your window. Pick them up with a tissue and throw them outside. If you kill them they will stink more. This is NOT a work order for the exterminator.

The exterminator comes to campus every Tuesday morning, year-round. If you need him to pay your room or apartment a visit, email and ask to be added to his list for the week, making sure to mention what kind of bugs you’re seeing.


Sometimes birds or other small animals can get behind a wall. Send an email to to place a work order and we’ll have Physical Plant come out to check behind the scenes.

Gnats or Fruit Flies

Fruit left out too long will invite flies. Food rinsed down a sink drain won’t flush out all the way and will invite flies. Open leftover drinks are often one of the culprits. Over-watered plants can invite gnats to live in the soil. Rinse and clean trashcan and change the bag frequently. If you throw out food, never use the trash can in your room, use the one in the hall or lounge. In apartments, utilize the trash bins. This is NOT a work order for the exterminator.



Before contacting RLO, make sure the dishwasher switch is in the up position. It’s the switch in the kitchen that looks like it doesn’t do anything. If that didn’t help, send an email to to place a work order. Do not use laundry or dish soap in the dishwasher – it will over-suds and will require multiple cycles to remove all the soap and suds. Only use approved dishwasher detergent or pods.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals don’t like a lot of things… such as rice, pasta, eggshells, chicken bones, drinking glasses, bottle caps, etc.  If your garbage disposal stops working send an email to to place a work order. Residents may receive a charge for damages resulting from negligence,

For your garbage disposal to function best, you should always run cold water through your garbage disposal unit for 20-30 seconds before and after you grind food. This ensures that all of the food will be flushed down the drain. You don’t want a few decaying scraps sitting at the bottom of your disposal unit, stinking up your sink.

What can break your garbage disposal (throw away in trashcan instead)

  • Utensils, bottle lids, glasses
  • Grease, oil, fats
  • Fibrous foods (ie. celery, potato peels, asparagus, lettuce)
  • Pasta (expands in the pipes and clogs them shut)
  • Rice (expands in the pipes and clogs them shut)
  • Beans
  • Coffee grinds
  • Apple cores
  • Eggshells
  • Bones from meat and shells from seafood

Still Have Questions? 

Email This website is monitored Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.  Any questions arriving after business hours or over the weekend will be responded to the next business day.