As a resident of the college community, you must abide by all rules and regulations outlined in the Residence Life Policies and Procedures. Be sure to familiarize yourself with proper check-out procedures before leaving for winter and summer breaks, as outlined below.

As in the past, move-in/move-out protocols, including dates and procedures, are based on the college's COVID guidelines, which are subject to change depending on the circumstances in our community and the state.

Thanksgiving Break 2022

The residence halls and apartments will be open over Thanksgiving break (November 23-27, 2022). Residents do not need to sign up to stay over Thanksgiving break.

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Winter Break 2022

The residence halls and apartments will be closed to all residents over Winter Break.

Residence halls and apartments will be closed for all residents over Winter Break. Residents should depart their residential spaces twenty-four hours after their final exams or by noon on Saturday, December 17, whichever comes first.

The noon closure is for all residents aside from RLO Student Leaders who will be completing closing duties.

Although residents may have circumstances they feel warrant a late departure request, late stays past noon on December 17 will not be granted. Residents must coordinate their travel to depart campus no later than noon. Keep this date and time in mind when arranging flights and other transportation.

Unapproved residents remaining past noon on December 17, 2022, will incur a late departure fee of up to $250.  

The college will be closed over the holidays and no residents will reside in any campus halls or apartments during this time. There are no exceptions.

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January Move-In 2023

Residence halls and apartments will open for residents starting at 9:00 am on Saturday, January 14.

Residents moving into a new space for the spring 2022 semester must come to the Residence Life Office (RLO) during business hours to complete the check-in process. RLO business hours will be Saturday, January 14 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and Sunday, January 15 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.  Please note that on Monday, January 16 the college will be closed in observance of the Martin Luther King holiday and RLO will not be open for check-ins.  Students arriving after business hours or on Monday, January 16 AND moving to a new space must reside off-campus until the next business day. Students returning to their fall assignment may move back in on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.  

All details about move-in procedures for returning students will be sent via email in January to campus residents by Dean Walter Snipes. That email will contain information about COVID vaccinations and boosters, the move-in process, access to residential spaces and move-in expectations.

As with all things we are prepared to adjust if circumstances change. Please check back to see if there are any updates to this information.

January Move-in Procedures for Residents

Residents who are moving into a new space for the spring will check in with RLO during business hours on Saturday or Sunday.  Please bring your photo identification (CatCard, driver's license or passport).

Residents who are returning to their fall assignment do not need to check in with RLO in January, catcards will be activated on the assigned move in date.  Catcards will not be activated prior to the assigned date and residents are not allowed to access the halls or apartments prior to their assigned date.  Items may not be dropped off early and residents may not stay with a roommate who was given early arrival permission.

Please contact with any questions regarding January move in.

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May Move-Out 2023

As with all things we are prepared to adjust if circumstances change. Please check back to see if there are any updates to this information.

The Move-out Period

Residents who do not have official commencement responsibilities or have special permission from RLO (e.g., RLO Student Leaders or approved May Move-over/Summer residents) are expected to move out of their residential spaces within 24 hours of their last exams or by noon Saturday, May 13, 2023, whichever comes first.

Although we understand residents may have circumstances that warrant a request to depart later than noon, these late departure requests will not be granted. Please plan accordingly. 

All belongings must be completely moved out of buildings/rooms and room key(s) turned in to RLO no later than the noon deadline.  Residents remaining past noon on May 13 will incur a late departure fee of up to $250.

First Year residents:  with respect to the upcoming commencement ceremony,  first year residents are encouraged to promptly depart within 24 hours of completing their finals.

Graduating Seniors:  will receive an email in the spring from RLO regarding move-out date and information regarding check out.

The Move-out Process

Specific information about the move out process will be shared with residents via email by Associate Director Charlene Kilpatrick.  Information will be posted in the residential halls, and residents are required to attend their floor closing meeting.  

To facilitate the move-out process, the RLO office will be on swipe access for all residents with 24/7 access during the move out period, ending at noon on Saturday, May 13

Residents not completing their checkout process with RLO prior to the deadline will incur an improper checkout fee.  Key(s) not turned in prior to the deadline will incur a lost/missing key fee to re-core the door lock. All fees will be charged directly to student accounts.  Each resident must:

  • Bring their room key(s) to the Residence Life office and deposit it in their assigned key envelope
  • Sign and date their card
  • Give their envelope to the front desk (if checking out during business hours) or placed in the lockbox (if checking out after hours)
  • Residents may not return a key for another person
  • NOTE:  Mail keys are not returnable at RLO.  Recently commenced students are to return their mail key to the campus post office and all other students keep their mail keys over the summer.

Move-out Assistance

Students departing their residential space for Spring 2023 may bring up to two assistants to help at move-out. The assistants may only be in the halls/apartments while removing belongings from the room and must leave the halls/apartments once everything is moved out to minimize the amount of non-resident contact. 

Please contact the Residence Life Office by emailing with any questions.

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