The Dean Rusk International Studies Program provides grant-funded opportunities for student study, research, service, and experiential learning abroad in geographic locations of the student's choosing.  Students should make sure their proposal fits the focus of the  specific type of grant as listed below:

  • Research Proposal:  Systematic inquiry that is designed to discover and interpret new information.
  • Experiential Learning Proposal:  Exploration of experiences that enhance academic goals and encourage personal growth.
  • Service Proposal: Participation in activities that help or support international initiatives.
  • Study Programs Proposals:  Enrollment in a program study abroad earning credit at another institution.  

Guidelines and other useful information for submitting grants is available on our How to Apply page.

Grant awards will vary considerably depending on the availability of funds, number of applications received, and other factors.   


All Dean Rusk Travel Grant Applications will be available beginning August 1st for winter break proposals via Submittable.

The Submittable Grant Application website will accept applications for summer proposals once the winter break grant cycle closes.

Proposal Guidelines for Students

Learn more about the application process, including application prompts. 

 Guidelines for Students

Endowed Travel Funds

Endowed travel funds have been given by and in honor of friends of Davidson College and the Dean Rusk International Studies Program who are deeply committed to broadening the scope and resources of international studies at Davidson.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you have a lot of questions about applying for travel grants. How much time should I spend abroad?  When should I start my application?  What if my plans change after I submit?