We encourage you to begin your journey as a new Davidson student by exploring the courses, subjects and academic areas that interest you.

To help guide you through the initial course selection and registration process during the month of June, please schedule an appointment with one of our summer advisers.

Summer Advisers

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Laura Sockol Summer Adviser

Laura Sockol

Welcome to Davidson! I am an assistant professor in the Psychology Department. My research is in clinical psychology; along with the students in my lab, I study characteristics associated with distress and well-being during the transition to parenthood (among other things!). I also coordinate the Davidson-Broughton Summer Study Program. I grew up in Philadelphia and remain a fan of soft pretzels, water ice, the Eagles, and Gritty. As a first-generation college student, I know the transition to college can be stressful and confusing. I love getting to know new students before you even get to campus, and am happy to help you find answers to your questions and make decisions that help you meet your goals – whatever they are! Email me for an appointment at lasockol@davidson.edu.  

Naila Mamoon headshot

Naila Mamoon

I earned my medical degree from Sir Salimullah Medical College, Dhaka University, Bangladesh and my Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. My post-doctoral training was in cancer biology. I enjoy getting to know my advisees and watching them develop their identities and grow into remarkable young people. I support their exploration of various careers in the health professions in their search to find one that best aligns with their values, skills and passions. Email me for an appointment at namamoon@davidson.edu.

Amber MacIntyre Headshot

Amber MacIntyre

Holistic advisor for Premedicine and Prehealth students. I love meeting with prospective and new students and their families and talk about their career and academic interests. Not only will we discuss possible courses, but opportunities on and off campus to help students explore health fiends, gain experience, and plan for their future. Primarily, I am the program coordinator for Premedicine and Allied Health Professions Program and I support current students and alumni as they prepare to apply to Prehealth programs such as dental, physician assistant, nursing, veterinary, medical, or osteopathic schools, as well as post-baccalaureate programs. I work directly with the Premedical/Prehealth Advisory Committee who evaluates students in the junior or senior year and recent alumni on their readiness for medical, dental and Prehealth schools after graduation. Email me for an appointment at ammacintyre@davidson.edu.

Marc Jacobsen Adviser

Marc Jacobsen

I am the assistant registrar and have been at Davidson since 2014. I am originally from Long Island, but I have lived in Florida, South Carolina, and Virginia before moving to North Carolina. I’ve been serving as a holistic adviser since the program started, but I’ve been an academic adviser for over ten years. My work prior to Davidson centered around helping students make the transition from high school to college, and I am glad I am able to continue that work here. When the weather is warm you will find me with friends, a book or podcast on my boat on Lake Norman. I enjoy watching professional tennis and women’s collegiate volleyball (both Davidson and the Big 10). Email me for an appointment at majacobsen@davidson.edu.

Emily Eisenstadt

Emily Eisenstadt

Welcome to Davidson! I have been at the college since 2015 and currently serve as the associate director of Student Activities. I am originally from South Carolina and am a graduate of Wofford College, a small, liberal arts college very similar to Davidson. Prior to coming to Davidson, I worked and received my Master’s at Florida State University. While I miss the easy access to Disney World and white sand beaches, I love taking advantage of all the Charlotte area has to offer. At the college, I work with New Student Orientation, advise the Union Board, support student organizations and student leaders, and have served as a holistic advisor for four years. Email me for an appointment at emeisenstadt@davidson.edu.

Cara Evanson Summer Adviser

Cara Evanson

I have served as an adviser for pre-major students at Davidson since 2012. I love the opportunity the holistic pre-major advising program gives me to get to get to know brand-new first-year students and see them learn and grow over the next few years. In college I was a Spanish major with minors in Religion and Latin American Studies. I’m from Wisconsin but happily ditched my snow shovel when I moved to North Carolina. Outside of work I enjoy attending lectures, concerts, and theatre performances. Email me for an appointment at caevanson@davidson.edu or book me through my appointment scheduler.

Angie Dewberry Summer Adviser

Angie Dewberry

I am the registrar at Davidson College and also a member of the Class of 2000. As a holistic adviser, I enjoy working closely with students as they adjust to life at college. As a former Davidson athlete (soccer!), I can relate to the balancing act of being a student-athlete and I still enjoy attending athletic events today with my family. I grew up in California, but have now lived in the South longer than anywhere else. I am an avid reader, enjoy taking my dog on hikes, and look forward to the day that Carolina Cones opens for the ice cream season.  Please do not be too shy to ask your questions. We are all here to help. Email me for an appointment at andewberry@davidson.edu.

Scott Denham Summer Adviser

Scott Denham

Hi and welcome to Davidson. In my advising I like to help students find ways to discover new things to study in fields they might not know about yet. I’ve been directing the amazing Humanities Program for four years and I can answer any questions about that and tell you about the Humanities Fellows and the required pre-orientation Sapere Aude. At a camp. In the mountains. The week before regular orientation. (Sweet!) I also teach in German Studies and in Global Lit, so I can help you think about continuing a second language or learning a new one. And why we should all read more Kafka and more Audre Lorde, who both spent time in Berlin, my favorite city. And I used to direct the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, so I can answer questions about interdisciplinary majors at Davidson too. If we talk (zoom or on the phone) you will have to hear about Turtle the Magnificent Granddog. That’s part of the deal. Email me for an appointment at scdenham@davidson.edu.

Nick Decker

Nick Decker

Welcome! I serve as the director of football operations here at Davidson, a position I have held for the past 6 years. I handle the day-to-day operations of the program, while also working as a holistic advisor for the first time this past fall. I also oversee the academics for our entire team. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and went to THE Ohio State University. I received my Master’s Degree from Ohio Dominican University and have worked in the NFL and different college environments. I think I can lend valuable insight for incoming scholar-athletes and general students. Please email me at nidecker@davidson.edu for an appointment.

Anne Marie Craig Summer Advisor

Anne-Marie Craig

Welcome to Davidson! I am assistant director of faculty affairs and a holistic adviser. I spend most of my time working with faculty, and students like you. Before joining Davidson twelve years ago, I worked in the manufacturing and financial services industries in Massachusetts, Florida, and North Carolina. I have thoroughly enjoyed the transition to academia; especially watching students grow into confident scholars looking to make an impact. When I am not at the college, you can find me outside, on Lake Norman, enjoying the beautiful Carolina weather. Email me for an appointment at ancraig@davidson.edu.

Patricio Boyer Headshot

Patricio Boyer

I am a literary scholar with a focus on early modern imperialism and colonial cultures of the Americas, as well as the intersection of law, literature, and political culture. At Davidson, I teach in a number of interdisciplinary departments and have a strong commitment to the role of the humanities in public life. I have always enjoyed advising incoming students because the first year is such a crucial moment. It can be easy to lose sight of the fact that college is a really special experience, the only time where cultivating a life of the mind can take priority over everything else. It’s an honor to help students navigate that process, helping them to find what they love, what they’re good at, and how all those experiences can help them shape their futures. Email me for an appointment at paboyer@davidson.edu.

Mario Belloni and Student The Two Marios

Mario Belloni

I am a professor of the Physics Department and I am the mentor to Davison’s STEM Posse 4. The picture is from Halloween 2018; I am on the left and on the right is a physics and economics major from Quito, Ecuador. As an undergraduate, I majored in economics and physics before pursuing physics for my Ph.D. I grew up in the Bay Area in California and spent time in Connecticut and Florida before moving to Davidson, where I live with my wife. I am also the proud parent of a second-year college student. I have been teaching at Davidson for about 20 years and teach both introductory and advanced physics classes. During my time at Davidson, I have served as a holistic advisor to students who have majored in almost every field we offer. Email me for an appointment at mabelloni@davidson.edu.

Rebecca Barrow Headshot

Rebecca Barrow

Welcome! I am the assistant registrar for advising and curricular support. That means my day-to-day is centered on the academic needs of Davidson students. I have been at Davidson for five years and have worked for a few of the academic departments before joining the Registrar’s Office. Prior to becoming a southerner, I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and attended a small liberal arts college in the Midwest that is similar in size and values to Davidson. We chose the same type of education and I am excited to be a resource for you as you navigate college life. To schedule a meeting email rebarrow@davidson.edu.