Davidson College will be fully in-person in the fall—working, teaching and learning.

Students taking classes should plan to be in residence in the fall. We recognize that circumstances could change between now and the start of the semester, but our expectation is that all students will be in residence. Students may not elect to be remote for the fall semester.

The college will contact and work with international students if COVID-19 travel restrictions impact students’ fall travel plans.

We expect nearly all classes will be taught in person. Some fall 2021 courses still list remote and hybrid modes of teaching. Those listings have been changing, and the percentage of courses with at least some in-person component has been increasing. 

Vaccination Information

COVID-19 Vaccination Policies

We’re implementing these policies to limit any potential outbreak in our community. Evidence suggests that getting vaccinated protects you and everyone around you—in effect, a vaccinated person is a road block that helps keep the virus from moving on to infect others.

We intend to require Covid vaccination for all members of the Davidson community once a vaccine fully approved by the FDA becomes available. We expect this will go into effect no later than the start of the Spring 2022 semester. We will make exceptions for those with approved medical or religious exemptions.

Vaccination will be required for students, staff and faculty members who participate in activities that present a high risk for transmission. If you are a participant in a high-risk activity, you must get the first dose of a vaccine no later than August 15 and submit proof of full vaccination no later than October 1. Examples of high-risk activities include: 

  • Some activities that require very close contact with others for an extended period of time, such as working in dining services; 
  • Strenuous indoor activity, such as singing in chorale, playing an instrument in an ensemble, dance, or working out; and 
  • Participation in intercollegiate, club and intramural athletics. 

If you are not vaccinated (student or employee), these rules will apply to you on campus:

  • You will need to wear a mask indoors and sometimes outdoors.
  • You will be required to maintain physical distancing indoors and sometimes outdoors. 
  • You will be required to get tested weekly for COVID-19. 
  • You will have to quarantine for two weeks if you are exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID-19.
  • You may not have access to some campus facilities.

While we await full FDA approval, we are aiming for the vaccination rate on campus to exceed 90 percent. Our COVID health and safety requirements may and likely will change as our environment changes. 

Students – Submit Proof of Vaccination

All vaccinated students should submit proof of vaccination to the Center for Student Health and Well-Being via the student health portal (Davidson login required). Vaccinated students should upload a photo of their COVID-19 vaccination card via the portal.

Employees – Submit Proof of Vaccination

If you are a Davidson employee and are vaccinated and have not let Human Resources know, please submit your vaccination card (Davidson login required)

Processes and Charges for Unvaccinated Students

If you have not received a COVID vaccination, you will be tested weekly after you arrive for the fall semester. Those who have a medical or religious exemption will not be charged for the testing. Medical exemptions require the completion of a Medical Exemption Form. Religious exemptions require completing the Religious Exemption Form and will be governed by the Honor Code. The exemption forms are available online for download and completion. Completed forms should be submitted via the Student Health Portal.

The testing fee also will not apply to students studying abroad and to international students unable to travel to the United States.

The testing fee is $1,275 per semester. It will appear on student accounts on July 25 for those students assessed that charge.

Students must either pay the fee, receive an exemption, or provide proof of full vaccination in order to move into their room or get CatCard access.

Students who are not fully vaccinated will not be permitted to move in early, as we will not have isolation/quarantine resources in place until the official move-in dates.

Students who are not vaccinated but begin the process before classes start on August 23, will receive a full refund on October 22, if proof of full vaccination is provided. They must begin the process no later than the beginning of classes to receive the refund.  No partial refunds will be provided.

Mask Guidelines on Campus

  • Vaccinated: Masks are not required for those who are vaccinated.
  • Unvaccinated: Masks and six-foot physical distancing is still required indoors (and sometimes outdoors) for anyone who has not received a COVID vaccination.