Davidson College is fully in-person—working, teaching and learning.

We are a residential learning community that embraces our shared obligation to each other.

  • 99 percent of students are fully vaccinated.
  • Nearly all classes are being taught in person in the fall, and all will be in person in the spring.
  • With the exception of students participating in education abroad, all students are currently in residence at Davidson.

During both the fall and spring semesters last year, the first two weeks were challenging. Below are some extra precautions we will take during that time to limit potential spread of the virus as we reconvene. We’re also sharing initial guidelines for the semester. We ask for your understanding and patience, because as circumstances shift, so will our response to them.  

COVID Information

Continued Measures

  • Everyone should wear masks indoors. This is now a town and county mandate.
  • If you sit in Vail Commons (or anywhere) after eating, please put your mask back on. 
  • We ask that you stay in the Davidson area and wear masks when carpooling with other students or while in public indoor spaces, such as stores.
  • Only Davidson College community members may be guests in residence halls.
  • If you are sick, please contact Student Health & Well Being and please put on your mask. Please do not go to class, your professor will understand. 
  • The symptom tracker is back, and everyone should use it. (It is required for entry to Vail Commons.)


  • Employees should be masked indoors unless you’re in your private office. 
  • Employees who are sick should contact their health care provider. Please do not come to work. 


  • Visitors should wear masks indoors. 
  • Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people should wear masks everywhere.

Vaccination Information

COVID-19 Vaccination Policies

The FDA has fully approved the Pfizer vaccine, therefore Davidson College is requiring all faculty, staff and students to submit proof of full vaccination. We will make exceptions for those with approved medical or religious exemptions.

Students – Submit Proof of Vaccination

All vaccinated students should submit proof of vaccination to the Center for Student Health and Well-Being via the student health portal (Davidson login required). Vaccinated students should upload a photo of their COVID-19 vaccination card via the portal.

Employees – Submit Proof of Vaccination

If you are a Davidson employee and are vaccinated and have not let Human Resources know, please submit your vaccination card (Davidson login required)

Processes and Charges for Unvaccinated Students

If you have not submitted proof of vaccination you must comply with the rules for unvaccinated persons, which include weekly testing, wearing a mask indoors and remaining six feet away from others indoors and outdoors on campus.

Those who have a medical or religious exemption will not be charged for the testing. Medical exemptions require the completion of a Medical Exemption Form. Religious exemptions require completing the Religious Exemption Form and will be governed by the Honor Code. The exemption forms are available online for download and completion. Completed forms should be submitted via the Student Health Portal.

The testing fee also will not apply to students studying abroad and to international students unable to travel to the United States.

The testing fee is $1,275 per semester. It will appear on student accounts on July 25 for those students assessed that charge.

Students must either pay the fee, receive an exemption, or provide proof of full vaccination in order to move into their room or get CatCard access.

Students who are not fully vaccinated will not be permitted to move in early, as we will not have isolation/quarantine resources in place until the official move-in dates.

Students who are not vaccinated but begin the process before classes start on August 23, will receive a full refund on October 22, if proof of full vaccination is provided. They must begin the process no later than the beginning of classes to receive the refund. No partial refunds will be provided.

Masks on Campus

The Town of Davidson has approved an indoor mask mandate. You should be masked indoors unless you’re in your residence hall room or private office. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people should wear masks everywhere.