Host families play an important role in the experience of an international student at Davidson College. Host families range from single individuals to families with children. They are active members of the community and have a desire to learn more about another culture. 

Host families commit to hosting an international student for the duration of their stay at Davidson. This is usually for a four-year period. Ideally, families and students should meet at least once a month but keep in contact with each other on a more regular basis.

Depending on the comfort level of the host family and public health recommendations with regard to Covid-19, host families may consider picking up their student from the Charlotte-Douglas Airport when they arrive, but this is optional.

Host Family's Responsibilities

  • Communicate with your student on a regular basis
  • Plan an activity with your student whenever it is convenient and safe
  • Invite your student into your home when you feel comfortable
  • Learn about the student's culture and country
  • Be a friend to your student
  • Notify International Student Programs if you are unable to continue in the program
  • Participate in host family events whenever possible

Please note: 1) host families are not financially responsible for their student and 2) host families will not be expected to provide support beyond the comfort level of their personal/family circumstances.

Student's Role

  • Communicate with their family on a regular basis
  • Return all phone calls/emails from the host family promptly
  • Accept invitations from the host family whenever possible
  • Share their culture with the host family, and learn from the family about their culture
  • Notify International Student Program if they are unable to continue in the program
  • Participate in host family events whenever possible and safe

Host Family Events

International Student Programs organizes events for students and their host families. These events are fun opportunities to spend time with your "adopted" student, meet his/her friends, and socialize with other host families. In the past, these events have included:

  • Cookouts at the Davidson College Lake Campus
  • Hayrides
  • Family bowling
  • Cruise/luncheon on the Catawba Queen
  • Charlotte Hornets games
  • Charlotte Checkers games
  • Carolina Panthers Game
  • Lazy 5 Ranch

Become a Host Family

If you are interested in being a host family for an international student, please complete the Host Family Program Application. Questions may be directed to Carol Sandke at, Host Family Program Coordinator. 

Host Family Application

If you are interested in serving as a host family to a Davidson College international student, please complete the Host Family Application form.

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