Buddhist Programs

Davidson offers a range of opportunities for students, faculty, and staff who identify as Buddhist or wish to explore Buddhist teachings and practices.  Buddhist Programs offers a 4-day Buddhist meditation retreat each year during Spring Break.  We also host on-campus Dharma talks and lectures about Buddhism by visiting speakers.

For more information contact Associate Chaplain Ivan Mayerhofer at ivmayerhofer@davidson.edu.

Davidson Meditation Initiative

The Davidson Meditation Initiative offers our community opportunities to learn about and practice mindfulness and other forms of meditation. We seek to integrate these practices into our daily lives to promote inner peace, clarity of mind, insight, compassion, and kindness. Davidson Meditation Initiative leads meditation sessions for students, staff, and faculty across the campus community throughout the academic year, in addition to the weekly mindfulness meditation held in the Oasis.  Davidson Meditation Initiative programs are open to students, staff, and faculty of any secular, spiritual, or religious background. No previous experience required; beginners are always welcome.

For more information contact Associate Chaplain Ivan Mayerhofer at ivmayerhofer@davidson.edu.

The Oasis

A peaceful place designed for meditation, contemplation, prayer, worship, or ritual, the Oasis is open daily, 7 a.m.-11 p.m. You will find it in the Chaplains' Office on the top floor of the Union, near the elevator. Whether you settle into a chair or use one of the meditation cushions, gaze out the windows onto campus, or meet friends to consider life's big questions, you are welcome to take some contemplative time in the Oasis.

The Nest

Located in a room on the second floor of the library (near the printer), the Nest provides space for students to reflect and re-energize. There you can sit on a zafu to meditate, rest for a while on the six-foot beanbag chair, breathe mindfully, do a crossword puzzle, or use one of the yoga mats to do some stretches. Come to this alternative library space to recharge your mental, physical, and spiritual batteries.

The Lauren Cunningham '09 Labyrinth

The red-brick labyrinth and peace garden provide a great outdoor spot for walking meditation and quiet reflection. You will find it under the trees of Hobart Park (behind the athletic field scoreboard, between Faculty Drive and Baker Drive). The labyrinth is lit at night, making it accessible any time.

The Meditation Sunroom

This light-filled sunroom on the back of the Spencer-Weinstein Center for Community and Justice (SWC) has wooden flooring and meditation cushions. The sunroom is available any time the SWC is open.