Welcome to Davidson College and the Center for Student Health & Well-Being!  Here you will find information about resources within the health center as well as specific health history and immunization records that you and your physician will need to complete. 

Some of the forms you will access through the student health portal using your Davidson College email and password (you will receive your Davidson account information in May).

On the front page of the portal, you will find links to the required forms under the heading “Pending Forms.” There are several forms that will need to be printed off and taken to your physician to complete and then uploaded back to the portal. You will find a link to those forms below. 

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The deadline for submission of all required forms is July 1, 2022. You are encouraged to start working on the paper forms (downloadable from this page) now even before you have your Davidson College credentials to access the portal. You will gain access to the portal once you activate your Davidson account on May 17.

Required Forms

All forms listed must be completed by all students. This includes all applicable forms in the Portal Forms section and all applicable forms in the Paper Forms section. If you require a medical or religious exemption, you are also required to complete the forms in the  Medical or Religious Exemption Paper Forms section. All intercollegiate athletes should complete all applicable forms in all four sections.

Portal Forms

These forms should be completed in your student health portal and can be found under “Pending Forms.” Any forms that must be printed from this section should be submitted via the portal once completed.

  • Authorization and Consent to Treat (portal form)
  • Self Report of Medical History (portal form)
  • Insurance Information (portal form)  Davidson College requires that you have medical insurance. Please complete the portal form and scan a copy of the front and back of your insurance card to upload to the form. If you plan to enroll in the college student health insurance plan, you will still need to go to the portal form to let us know that you intend to have this as your primary plan, but there will be no card to upload and we will have your insurance information by the beginning of the fall semester. Please note, this portal form does not take the place of your insurance waiver if you are covered under your own or your family's private insurance plan. If you do not complete the waiver, you will be automatically enrolled in the college-sponsored student plan. Learn more about Davidson's student insurance plan, how to enroll or how to waive out.
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Screening (portal form)
    • *TB Risk Assessment (PDF, download here) – This form should only be completed if your TB Screening indicates you need a risk assessment. You will need to print it off and take it to your healthcare provider. Completed forms should be submitted via the “Document Upload" section of the student health portal like all forms within the "Paper Forms" section.
  • Communication Preferences (portal form)
  • Emergency Contacts (portal form)

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Paper Forms

Complete these forms and submit them through the student health portal under the “Document Upload" section.

  • Physical Exam (PDF, download here) – This form is to be printed off and taken to your physician for completion and then uploaded to the portal. This is a requirement for all intercollegiate athletes within six months of participation. It is strongly recommended for all students.
  • Immunization Records (PDF, download here) – The State of North Carolina requires that all immunization records be completed and signed by a healthcare provider (MD, DO, NP, PA) in order to be accepted as valid records. Please download and complete this form with your provider. When completed and signed, log in to the student health portal, add the dates of your immunizations in the immunization portal form and then upload a scanned copy of your signed record. You will not be able to submit your immunization record through the portal without uploading the signed record.
    • Review all required vaccines. Please note, in addition to the vaccines required by the State of NC,  Davidson College requires that new incoming students show documentation of the following:
      • COVID vaccine initial series and booster vaccine
      • Tdap booster vaccine given within the past 10 years
  • Underage Consent to Treat (PDF, download here) – If a student is under the age of 18 years old this form must be completed and signed by a guardian. Please complete and submit the completed form through the portal.

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Medical or Religious Exemption Paper Forms

The following forms are required if you need a medical or religious exemption. Complete these forms and submit them through the student health portal under the “Document Upload" section.

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Intercollegiate Athlete Forms

All intercollegiate athletes should complete the forms below in addition to all applicable forms on this page, including all applicable forms in the Portal Forms and Paper Forms sections. 

  • Sickle Cell Testing (Hemoglobin Solubility) Results (no download, upload scanned copy) – Upload a copy of your scanned sickle cell testing results to the “Document Upload" section of the student health portal.
  • Release of Information Form (PDF, download here) – This form allows for the Student Health staff to communicate with your Athletic Training/Sports Medicine staff. Complete this form and upload it to the student health portal “Document Upload" section.

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Health and Well-Being Resources

Mental Health Resources

If you would like to communicate with the Center for Health and Well-Being counseling services about mental health resources on campus please email studentcounseling@davidson.edu.

Mental Health at Davidson

Nutrition Resources

If you would like to meet with a Center for Health and Well-Being dietitian, please email nutrition@davidson.edu.

Nutrition at Davidson

Allergy Injections

If you currently receive allergy injections and would like to continue to receive them at the Center for Health and Well-Being, please visit our forms page to download the information and paperwork that will need to be completed by you and your allergist and mailed to us.

Academic Access & Disability

The college welcomes requests for accommodations related to disability and will grant those that are determined to be reasonable. To make such a request, or begin a conversation, please call 704-894-2129 or email aadr@davidson.edu

Academic Access & Disability Resources

Information About Preventable Diseases

North Carolina law requires that we provide all new incoming students and parents with information about the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Review All Frequently Asked Questions

My physician does not have an appointment available for my physical exam until after the due date. What should I do?

You should complete as many of the portal and health forms as you can including the self report health history and TB screening. Be sure to look at the State of NC  immunization requirements which can be found on the Health Center webpage. We will need all forms completed no later than July 1.  

My mom is a physician. Can she complete my health form?

No. Physical exams performed by a parent will not be accepted.

I completed a medical form for the Odyssey trip or for Athletics as a varsity athlete. Do I still have to complete these forms?

Yes, these forms will provide the basis for your medical chart which will be utilized when you visit the Center for Student Health and Well-Being. You must complete it in addition to any forms required by Davidson Outdoors or the Athletic Department.

Do I really have to have more shots?

NC Immunization Law (General Statute 130A 155.1) states that freshmen entering college for the first time must present physician-signed/clinic stamped evidence of the immunizations noted as required on the health form. The law requires that students be pulled from classes if they have not presented an immunization record. Please note that the student is not permitted to pick and choose what immunizations they want to receive.

North Carolina law provides for only two types of exemptions from required immunizations:

  • Medical exemptions can only be requested by a physician licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina. The Medical Vaccine Exemption form must be completed by your physician and submitted to the State Health Director for approval.
  • For a religious exemption, upon submission of a written statement (through Davidson's approved Religious Vaccine Exemption form) of bona fide religious beliefs and opposition to immunizations the person may attend college without presenting a certificate of immunization. This statement must be written and signed by the student if age eighteen or older or the parent if the student is under the age of eighteen.

Medical and Religious Exemption Forms

One of the requirements is a series of shots given over six months that I cannot complete before I arrive for Orientation. What should I do?

You should start the series, have your physician note the dates on your immunization record and send your immunization record to us. We will assist you in completing the series after your arrival here or let you know if it is acceptable for you to complete the series at home over the academic breaks. The series must be completed within an acceptable timeframe or NC law requires that you be removed from classes.

What if it is a hardship for me to obtain a particular vaccine in my home country?

You should let the Center for Student Health and Well-Being staff know either by phone, 704-894-2300 or email healthforms@davidson.edu. We will be happy to assist you.

I am a varsity athlete. Do I send the NCAA required sickle cell test report to Center for Student Health and Well-Being or to the Athletic Department?

The sickle cell test report should be uploaded in the documents on the student health portal.  

I plan to have the health insurance offered by the college but do not yet know the certificate and group numbers to put on my health form. When will I know these?

Your health insurance card and information will be sent to your on-campus post office box within the first two weeks of your arrival. Do not delay completing your health forms. Business Services will send with your tuition bill information about the health insurance offered by the college.

I do not want the health insurance offered by the college. What do I need to do?

All students are billed every year on their fall tuition bill for the health insurance. All international students are required to keep the college-offered insurance. In order to waive the insurance, you will need to complete an online waiver each year showing evidence of coverage by a private policy that provides benefits in this area. Submitting your private insurance information on the Student Health Portal does not constitute a waiver. 


Please contact the Center for Student Health & Well-Being with any questions or concerns.