Find the answers to your questions about requesting checks, setting up a new vendor, employee gifts, and more.

How can I tell if a check has been processed?

To verify that a payment has been processed, follow these instructions.

For INB (Internet Native) Banner:

  • Go to screen FAIVNDH
  • Enter the vendor number
  • Click on "GO" on the far right side of the screen or Perform a Next Block command (alt-page down)
  • You will see all the invoices for the vendor you have selected
  • If the Check Number field is populated, the payment has been processed (check numbers that are all numeric indicate that a physical check was issued; check numbers beginning with an R indicates the payment was made via direct deposit)
  • The Check Status is to the left of the Check Amount.  For checks (i.e., the check number is all numeric), an "F" indicates that the check has cleared; and "X" indicates that the check has been canceled.

For Self Service:

  • Click on Financial Information
  • Click on View Document
  • Using the choose drop down menu, select Invoice
  • Click on Document Number
  • If User ID block has data, clear it out
  • Enter the Vendor ID. You do not need to enter any additional information, but entering the transaction date (i.e., the month/year the payment was entered into Banner) will reduce the number of payments listed for a frequently paid vendor
  • Click on Execute Query. A list of payments to this vendor will appear; click on the Document Number you wish to view.
  • Click on View Document. At the bottom of new page you will see Related Documents. This will specify the check/direct deposit number.

I need to pick up a check. What do I do?

If you need to pick up a check, check the "Check Pickup?" box on the DBS Voucher Form (DBS Invoice panel for those who enter directly into Banner).  Checks must be picked up in the Business Services office, they will not be sent via campus mail. Checks under $15,000 will be ready after 2 p.m. on Friday; checks greater than $15,000 may require additional time.

A check should only be returned to you if it will be hand delivered, such as to a performer or speaker on campus. All other check requests, including subscriptions and deposits, should be mailed directly from our office. Please include an extra copy of any information to be sent with the check and an addressed envelope, and the check will be mailed.

Who do I contact to set up a new vendor?

After confirming that the vendor has not already been set up in Banner by reviewing the VendorLookup report in InsideDavidson Self Service Reports, send a new vendor and substitute W-9 form (individual or business) to the vendor you wish to have added. The vendor can email or fax the form to our accounts payable coordinator at 704-894-2502. Please note that no checks will be issued until we have received a fully completed form.

Please send an email to so that we can anticipate receiving the New Vendor Form and will know who to notify once the vendor number is established.

Payments to Non U.S. Citizens are more complex. Please contact the Accounts Payable Coordinator at x2206 and the Payroll Coordinator at x2461 for guidance on these payments.

Is Davidson required to pay sales tax?

Although we are exempt from federal and state income taxes, we are required to pay North Carolina sales tax on all purchases. We are eligible for a refund of sales tax we have paid to North Carolina vendors. We are not eligible for a refund of sales taxes paid to other states.

For additional information, please contact our Accounts Payable Coordinator at x2206.

How do I know if I should contact accounts payable or payroll?

Payments to employees or students for services performed may need to be made through payroll. You may work with accounts payable for the reimbursement of expenses. For more information, contact our Accounts Payable Coordinator at x2206 or Human Resources.