The following are the most common questions we receive about travel grants.

Common Questions About Dean Rusk Grants

When do I apply for travel grants?

There are two deadlines. The winter grant application deadline is October 1, 2024, and the summer grant application deadline is February 1, 2025.

Who can apply for a travel grant?

For the winter application deadline, priority will be given to seniors who have not been abroad during their Davidson career and seniors who need to conduct research abroad for their thesis or capstone project.  Other students may apply but awards will depend on funding availability.  For the summer application deadline, all students who are not graduating in May of that year can apply for a travel grant. 

How to Apply

What types of student grants can I apply for through Dean Rusk International Studies Program?

You may apply for Dean Rusk research, exploratory and reflective learning, service and study programs. For non-Davidson study programs, Dean Rusk will only review applications for immersive language programs in Arabic and Chinese and select archaeological programs.  These specific categories are based on our available funding.  You can also apply for the Pulitzer Center and Keller Scholarship grants. 

Student Grants

Is help available for drafting a proposal?

There are a number of opportunities for receiving advice on writing a proposal.  You should reach out to the Dean Rusk International Studies Program office and to relevant faculty members and advisors early in the process.  You should also consult the How to Apply page. The Writing Center is also a great resource.

How much funding can I expect?

Grant amounts vary considerably based on length of the proposed experience, type of experience, funding availability, and quality of proposal. There is no representative sum because applicants' requests vary, and many factors contribute to the amount different applicants receive.

How much time should I spend abroad?

The mission of the Dean Rusk Program is to immerse students in a foreign culture for an extended period at least 2 weeks for winter break and 3 weeks for summer.  However, the longer you plan to spend abroad and the more immersive the experience, the more likely it is that your proposal will be approved. 

Does Dean Rusk provide support for educational programs?

Dean Rusk program funding is not, with some exceptions, to be used to pay for external program fees for educational programs.  If you are interested in pursuing Dean Rusk funding for such a program, you are strongly encouraged to speak with the Dean Rusk Director first.  If you are interested in studying abroad during the academic year, please contact the Office of Education Abroad.

If you are participating in a Davidson-led summer study program abroad, you may be eligible for Dean Rusk funding.  However, you do not need to apply for a Dean Rusk grant and funding availability may be limited.

What if my plans change?

The Director of the Dean Rusk Program must approve any changes to your project after it has been submitted. In some cases, adjustments to your project will cause the amount of your grant to be changed (for example, if you plan to travel for three weeks instead of six, you may only receive half your original award). Changes in your project that are not approved by the director may result in the forfeiture of your entire grant. If you are going on an education abroad program or group trip that is canceled, the Dean Rusk Program will work with you to apply your grant money to a different program.

Are there any other requirements to receive a grant?

Please review the recipient requirements. It is important to share your experience with others after your return. Accordingly, you may be required to do so through such activities as talks, participation in panels, or visits to schools, at the request of the program. You are also required to write a three-page report on your experiences on your return.

How do I apply for a grant if I am abroad?

If you are currently abroad, you can still apply for a travel grant. We encourage you to contact the Dean Rusk Program Coordinator with any questions or for proposal in advice. The deadline is the same for everyone both on and off campus, so be aware of time differences.  All Dean Rusk grant applications are online via Submittable.

Can seniors receive grant money for after graduation?

Awards are not given to seniors whose travel will take place after graduation.

Can you receive more than one Dean Rusk Grant?

Yes, however preference will be first given to students who have never traveled abroad during their Davidson career or have never received a Dean Rusk grant in years past.  Also, it will depend on funding availability.

Who decides whether or not I receive a grant?

The International Education Committee (IEC) decides grant awards.