The Dean Rusk Study Abroad Grant requires enrollment in a study abroad program earning transfer credit through another institution. 

It is important to note that third party study abroad program fees are considered the lowest priority when awarding Dean Rusk grants. 

For 2024-25, Dean Rusk will only review applications for immersive language programs in Arabic and Chinese and select archeological programs. These specific categories are based on our available funding.  Students MUST speak with the Dean Rusk Office before submitting a proposal, Do NOT apply for a Dean Rusk grant if you are participating in a Davidson-led Summer Study Program.

Students applying for a Dean Rusk Grant for a non-Davidson summer program must also complete the college’s Summer Study Abroad Application for non-Davidson Programs by February 1.

Applying for the Grant

For this grant, each student is required to complete the following steps: 

  1. Consult with the Dean Rusk office to discuss your project proposal. 
  2. Write a proposal.
  3. Complete travel grant budget report.
  4. If applicable, obtain a language proficiency recommender (required where English is not the predominant language in the country for your proposed project).
  5. Complete the College's Summer Study Abroad Application.

It is strongly recommended students also obtain a faculty recommendation, but it is NOT required.


Writing Your Proposal

A strong proposal includes:

  • What is the program of study you wish to participate in?
  • Why is this specific program of study important for you to attend?
  • How will this program of study influence your academic goals?
  • Which course(es) do you plan to enroll in?
  • What prerequisites have you completed in preparation to successfully complete your proposed course(es)?
  • What other knowledge or expertise do you have that will assist you during your program of study (i.e. language proficiency)?


2024 Study Program Grants will be available when the fall grant cycle opens at the close of the spring grant cycle, with an application deadline of October 1, 2024. 

To start your application, use Submittable

Recently Funded Study Grants

Elias Henderson '24 while studying at the Qasid Arabic Institution

Qasid Arabic Institution

Elias Henderson '24

Elias immersed himself in a 9-week study program learning the Arabic language and culture at the Qasid Arabic Institute in Amman, Jordan.

Emma Bazemore '24 during an archeology dig at the Caesarea Archaeology Field School in Caesarea, Israel

Caesarea Archaeological Field School

Emma Bazemore '24

Emma participated in a 4-week archeology dig at the Caesarea Archaeology Field School in Caesarea, Israel. Along the Mediterranean coast of Israel, she engaged in the daily tasks of excavation, artifact recovery, and more.

Rin Davis '24 Rin during her study abroad at Tunghai University in Taichung, Taiwan.

Fulbright Tunghai University Mini Semester

Rin Davis '24

Rin studied at Tunghai University in Taichung, Taiwan. She enrolled in a 5-week mini semester learning the Chinese language. She also had the opportunity for an incredible cultural immersion within Taiwanese culture.