Use the Capital Project/Purchase Authorization Form for all capital projects or purchases with a total cost of $5,000 or more, including an aggregate purchase for multiple capital items that individually are less than $5,000.

Capital items, which will benefit the department for at least three years, include:

  • Expenditures for new construction
  • Building renovations and additions
  • Scientific, office and plant equipment

 If you have any questions about this form, contact our assistant controller at 704-894-2066.

Online Capital Project Authorization Form

When you submit the Capital Project/Purchase Authorization Form, your department head will receive an email with a link to the form. They should approve the form online and forward the form to the next approver. For more detailed instructions, review the capital project and purchases policy. You can also review the status of your capital project form.

For projects/purchases approved as a part of the Capital Budget process, please indicate the "Capital Budget ID" and the funding source on the capital project authorization form. If the funding sources includes "xxxxxx", please replace with your departmental organization number.

Capital Budget ID numbers and funding sources can be found here: 

Once the capital project form has been fully approved, a Banner fund number will be established.  All activity related to the project must be charged to that Banner fund, not to the funding source.