There are two kinds of financial transactions or accounts that can be accessed with your CatCard—your Declining Balance Account or Dining Dollars.

Declining Balance Accounts

Declining Balance Accounts (DBA) are essentially a personal savings account. A DBA allows you to make purchases without using cash at all on-campus dining and retail locations and in most vending areas. It may also be used for purchases ranging from textbooks to concert tickets. Declining balance is also accepted at several restaurants and stores in the Town of Davidson including Sabi, Subway, and Famous Toastery (Davidson locations only).

You or your family may deposit money online through CatCard Services, which tracks meal plans, Dining Dollars, and Declining Balance account balances. There is no charge for making deposits through CatCard Services.

Refunds & Fees

Any declining balance deposits left at the end of your career at Davidson are either posted to remaining debits on your student account or reimbursed back to you.

Federal and state banking regulations govern card transactions, students or parents may withdraw funds from the declining balance account for only two reasons

  • Graduation or withdrawal of student from Davidson College
  • Year-end refunds (requested during the last 15 days of the academic year)

Dining Dollars

When you can't get to Vail Commons or the Davis Café during regular meal hours, Dining Dollars can be used to purchase food and drink on campus, including at the vending machines. Visit the meal plan page to view the number of Dining Dollars for each meal plan.

Dining Dollars are distinct from a declining balance account because they are for your meal plan, are non-refundable and valid throughout an academic year. They do not, however, carry over from one year to the next.

Because Dining Dollars are non-refundable, the CatCard system automatically pulls money from your Dining Dollars account first for any qualifying purchases, ensuring that these funds are used up before drawing on any of your personal funds from your declining balance account.

If you have additional questions please contact the CatCard Office at 704-894-2951 or