Recently Funded Experiential Learning Grants

Internship in Menéndez-Pelayo School

by Anthony Damian ‘23

Anthony pursued a K-12 English teaching internship in Cantabria, Spain at the school of Colegio Menendez-Pelayo. He taught English to students as well as Math, Science and Physical Education. His contributions fostered intercultural discussion between students, fellow school faculty, and his host family.

Sustainable Urban Development: An International Comparative Study of Accessible Housing Through Programs & Policy

by Cathleen O’Malley ‘23

Cathleen explored current housing policies in Spain to understand how Spanish cities are attempting to balance the needs of institutions, corporations and their people. She examined Bilbao as a case study to see how the city is working with local agencies and organizations to address housing in an inclusive way. In analyzing the urbanization models, Cathleen studied the specific ways in which Spanish cities have been affected by gentrification and migration.

Exploring African Artifacts in European Museums

by Lillian Korir ‘23

Lillian visited museums in England, France, Belgium and Netherlands to explore the history of African artifacts. She then reached out to local African scholars and artists who were willing to have conversations about the artifacts. Lillian's experience gave her insights into the difference in experiences in African and European representation of African art and history.