Recently Funded Service Grants

Caminos de la Vida: On the Path to the American Dream

by Tomás Quintero '23

Tomás volunteered to provide social support to migrants, immigrants and refugees in the Mexico-United States border region while learning first-hand about barriers to health access for these communities.

Public Health Improvement & Community Outreach with The Real Uganda

by Chloe Davis ‘23

Chloe volunteered in a local hospital and pharmacy as part of The Real Uganda's goal of improving public health. She also taught English lessons and assisted local female entrepreneurs as part of the program’s desire to improve community outreach.

Serving the Thai Refugee Camps

by Taw Meh ‘25

In Thailand, Taw is working closely with the Karenni Student Union and the Karenni National College and is travelling to refugee camps to deliver needed supplies. Since schools on the campus are in session during the winter, she is teaching English and volunteering in clinics.

Jossour: Bridging the Gender Gap in Moroccan Civil Society

by Nada Shoreibah '23

Nada is working with an organization in Rabat, Morocco called Jossour, or "bridges'' in Arabic. Jossour’s vision is to support women in occupying their rightful place as equals in Moroccan society. The program's main projects are youth leadership workshops, advocating for legal parity, and literacy campaigns.  She is writing grant proposals,  doing record-keeping, helping to manage projects and assisting in workshops and educational needs.