Established in honor of the Fujita family, this grant enables a talented Davidson artist to pursue a high-quality, independent art project (visual art, music, dance or drama) outside of the United States.


  • One grant of up to $7,000 is awarded annually by the Dean Rusk Program. Projects that do not receive Fujita funding will be considered for general Dean Rusk grant support.
  • The grant is for independent projects and individual proposals, and can fund lessons or workshops abroad.
  • Study abroad programs and group trips are not eligible for this grant.
  • The project must involve at least seven weeks outside of the U.S.

Application Process

  • Start planning your proposal early.
  • Your proposal should include details about how this project will help you develop as an artist.
  • Talk to advisers and establish promising contacts abroad such as artists, organizations, scholars, or institutions.
  • Include a budget that accurately presents the project's costs.
  • Apply during the spring Dean Rusk Program grant cycle (mid-February deadline).

For more information, email Dean Rusk Director Jane Zimmerman at