The Office of Grants and Contracts assists faculty and staff members seeking information on extramural funding. Our office is located at 9 Jackson Court.


See the Office of Grants and Contracts Blog for award announcements, funding opportunities and OGC events.

Office Staff

Mary Muchane, Ph.D., Director: 704-894-2644,
Rachael Murdock, Assistant Director of Grants & Contracts: 704-894-2181,
Grants Accountant: 704-894-2927

Campus Resources

The following individuals are also available to answer questions or provide clarification regarding sponsored research policies within their specific areas of administrative expertise.

Philip N. Jefferson
Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

Lori Gaston
Controller/Director of Business Services

Kim Ball, Ph.D.
Director of Human Resources

Greta Munger, Ph.D.
Chair, Human Subjects Institutional Review Board

Eriberto Lozada, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Faculty

Naila Mamoon, Ph.D.
Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

David Blauch, Ph.D.
Chair, Biohazards Committee