Ph.D.s go many places. They're in academia, government, non-profits, industry. 

They use their skills, knowledge, agile minds, and expertise.

They feel rewarded by what they're doing. But how did they get there? Versatile Ph.D. helps you answer that question.

With a Davidson account, faculty members at Davidson can access versatile Ph.D. for free. We subscribe to Versatile Ph.D. to help you diversify your doctorate and prepare for more than one possible future.

Versatile Ph.D. Feature Spotlight

Career Finder

Versatile Ph.D.’s Career Finder lets members access resources that detail experiences of humanities, social sciences and STEM Ph.D. graduates who have embarked on non-academic career paths, informed by resumes, cover letters and narratives.

Smart Jobs

The smart jobs feature provides new career ideas and opportunities to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. Smart jobs keeps an updated list of available jobs around the U.S. and provides easy access to apply for these jobs.

Power Search and Networks

Use these networking tools to search a database of over 95,000 active members, by name, discipline, employer, location, and more. Additionally, search the volunteer-led meetup database for in-person support and networking.

Options for Success Course

Options for Success is a six-module course designed for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to identify career paths, understand how their degree is linked to the career and navigate the transition from student to professional. Course participants will assess their strengths, identify interests, build a network, learn to market their skills, and more.

My Plan

My Plan allows you to enter your anticipated date of graduation as well as the field of study or degree program you are in, and generates a personalized board of dated goals for your graduate journey. Each of the dated goals comes with a detailed objective and best practices on how to achieve them.

Forums and Webinars

Visit the Versatile Ph.D. forums and watch the pre-recorded webinars featuring experts in various career fields, resume examples, inspiring biographies, question and answer sessions, meetups, panel discussions to help you prepare for your transition into a career, and much more.