Dining Services recognizes that mealtimes can provide a social opportunity to enjoy good food, conversation, and relaxation from a busy day.

Thus, Dining Services operates numerous facilities that offer a variety of foods that include "home-cooked" meals, snacks, and "meals on the run" that promote a healthy lifestyle. However, these healthy options may include foods that some individuals find disagreeable. Dining Services seeks to provide food alternatives when these preferences are the result of a food allergy.

March 18 – April 30, 2021 Air Fryer Check Out Program

Davidson Nutrition Services and the Physical Education, Recreation & Wellness department have collaborated to make air fryers available to students for checkout. Students can check out air fryers for use in kitchen spaces at no cost, and students who share their creations to Instagram using the hashtags #davidsonnutrition and #davidson_pe_rec_wellness will be entered to win their own air fryer or a $50 Harris Teeter gift card.

Students who check out air fryers agree to the rules of use.

Optimal Performance Quiz

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Nutrition Services

Davidson's registered dietitians are available to answer any questions students may have about eating healthy or assist busy students who could use guidance and planning. The college's dietitians work with all students to develop a healthy nutrition plan that fits with their schedule and meets their individual needs.

Individual and group counseling sessions are available for advice on healthy college eating, weight loss/gain, sports nutrition, disordered eating behaviors, grocery shopping, healthy cooking, eating around exam time, hypertension high cholesterol, diabetes, and adjusting to an American diet.  To schedule an appointment with a dietitian, please email Elizabeth Allred at elallred@davidson.edu with a completed and attached Weekly Availability Sheet (PDF).

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